Interesting Facts: Anything About This World That You Should Know

Anything About This World That You Should Know

Every day of our lives is full of questions and mystery. It’s our habit to be curious about big or small things. The reason that people are studying is that they need to gain more knowledge and wisdom to use it when they go out of the world. Whenever someone is curious, it drives that person to explore and discover new things. It is also an advantage because it motivates people to see what this world has to offer.

The world where we are living is full of mystery and surprises; that’s why people won’t have the chance to know all of those things. Even with the things that we currently know about our life and this world, there is a limitless of new and exciting facts that people need to discover. Some might be useless, but some will surprise you. So here are some of those random interesting facts that you might want to know.

The Elevator’s Close Door Button Does Not Do Anything

Almost all of the United States’ elevators are made after the Disabilities Act of Americans. Namely, those elevators come with voice prompts and braille. Additionally, they design the lifts for closing in three seconds. The time of default is to make sure that disabled individuals can safely board. The close button that you keep on pressing doesn’t do anything: emergency respondents and workers who hold the key are the only people who can access the close door button.

The American Disabilities Act ensures that people with disabilities will have enough period to get aboard the elevator, stipulates that the door should remain open for a minimum of 3 seconds, and it helps prevent the button from cutting the time short. Most of the manufacturers of elevators took every step possible by entirely deactivating the close button.

Fire Moves Quicker In an Uphill

The rising of heat is among the foundation of science rule. With that, a fire should move quickly when it’s uphill rather than laterally or downhill. An example is a forest fire starting in the mountain base spreads hastily towards the incline of the mountain rather than to cover within the core. The cause of this is that the flames easily reach some unburnt fuel in the fire front.

The radiance of the heat can pre-heat the first fire fuel, and it makes that fuel to burn more. When there is an increase in speed, the intensity of the fire also increases, which becomes hotter. On the contrary, it applies to the traveling fire downhill. The light reaches lesser fuel, and there is little heat radiance to pre-heat the fule of the fire front. For each downhill slope of 10˚, the speed of flames will cut into half.

Swearing Can Reduce Pain

A university study shows that people who are using profanity endures pain twice than those people who didn’t curse. The research about the swearing’s hypoalgesic effect shows that using profanity helps relieve the pain sensation. This occurrence is especially strong in individuals who don’t regularly use the words.

People describe the effect to be the form of stress-inducing analgesia. Due to the painful stimulus, it forms an emotional response of swearing. However, it’s still unclear why cursing can achieve a physical effect based on the research. People swear to respond to pain and activate the amygdala that triggers a response of flight-or-fight.


The world is fantastic because there are more things that we don’t know yet, and we need to explore more. That’s why we should not be satisfied with our current knowledge, and we should always aim to gain more wisdom.


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