9 Astonishing Facts About France

9 Astonishing Facts About France

There’s too much to know about France! In the nation that created the inverted pyramids fashionable and put the supermodels into politics, there are 9 fascinating facts regarding France.

France Has The Most Time Zones In The World

Are you aware that France is using 12 separate time zones? Yup, that is one of the wtf facts about France. Initially, it may seem odd, but once you imagine it, it’s not that surprising because the French has conquered a vast portion of the planet. 

There is only one time zone found within the French territories in Europe, although outside its area encompasses 12 separate time zones for all its regions. This first fact is a good start to surprise any readers.

The Most Popular Tourist Destination

Last 2016, the state had 82.6 million foreign tourists, 7 million higher than both the United States and Spain. The major destinations are, of course, Disneyland and Paris, as well as the French Riviera, Alsace, and the stunning wineries.

Most Popular Innovations Are French

Some of the popular innovations of France include parachute, stethoscope, and pasteurizer. Each one of these has improved the planet. Some of the most famous French innovations of past years is the mobile phone camera that was first created back in 1997 by Philippe Kahn.

France’s Roundabouts Are Numerous

It’s an amusing fact about France, at least for Sweden, since they do have a number of roundabouts. There, though, the roundabouts are made a couple of steps more, with over 30,000 circles in all, which comprises a bit more than half of the world’s roundabouts.

They Forbade Unsold Products

Earlier in 2016, a landmark move was made when France was the first nation in the world to prohibit supermarkets and grocery stores from tossing away or destroying unsold produce. From then on, any excess food has to be donated.

Male Impotence Is A Crime

If a man did not get an erection back in the 1600s in France, it was deemed a felony and was enough reason for a woman to request a divorce. If a married woman suspected her spouse of being impotent, he had to show the contrary in front of a jury of experts.

When the man failed, as was obviously very reasonable, he might always apply for a second opportunity by having sex with his wife in front of a court. It’s also a disgusting truth concerning France. In 1677, the statute was abolished.

Marrying A Dead Person Is Possible

Back in the 1950s, it was agreed that, in certain conditions, a deceased individual would be permitted to marry. One will show that arrangements were already in motion to get married, and even give a formal letter of request to the President.

Wearing Trousers Used To Be Illegal

Another odd French legislation that simply illustrates how unjust society used to be. For instance, women required a permit to wear trousers in Paris. The law came into existence in the 19th century. Fortunately, it is not applied today.

Potatoes Were Illegal

Potatoes had previously been prohibited in France. Described as “hog feed,” they were prohibited by the French Parliament in 1748 on the grounds, among other issues, that they induced leprosy. 

Probably since they are linked to lethal nightshade, including tomatoes and tobacco plants, they were mainly owing to the contributions of visionary army pharmacist Parmentier, eventually deemed potatoes to be edible in 1772.


These facts regarding France vary from the evident to the interesting. You can devote your life to enjoying this magnificent country of culture and champagne. It will never disappoint you! You are going to keep learning interesting things about France along your journey.


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