How To Raise A Puppy – New Owner’s Guide

Raise A Puppy

When you are thinking of getting a puppy, you usually picture all those happy moments that warm your heart and make your eyes watery. You believe that you’ll fall in love with your new friend the moment you take it in your arms. You imagine the two of you playing fetch, going for walks, cuddling and hugging. Here’s some news for you – that’s exactly how it is going to be!

Yes, everything you are picturing is just right. Nothing can top the love and devotion that a dog can give you. Be prepared for them to get in charge of your mood and keep it up to par at all times. Let’s face it – how could you possibly be in a bad mood after your pup glances at you with that silly look with its tongue hanging out? Or, after you find them chewing on your slippers?

Okay, you might get a bit upset if they start chewing on your belongings. No, scratch that. You will definitely get upset if you catch them chewing on your belongings. But, there’s no way to stay angry with them for a long time. The minute they look at you with those eyes, you are probably going to forgive and forget.

Not Everything Is Fun And Games

However, getting a puppy is not all about cuddling and playing. I remember when I got my first furry friend. From the moment I took it in my arms, I realized that I will need to invest a lot of time and effort into raising it. That is the exact moment you realize that you are responsible for the health and the quality of life of that little being. That is the moment you start feeling like a true owner.

And if you are new to this, I suggest you do a bit of research with the aim of getting properly prepared for getting a puppy. There are a lot of trustworthy websites, such as Pet Dog Pals, that can guide you successfully through everything you need to know, as well as everything you need to own, in the process of raising a dog. Therefore, make sure to get as many tips and tricks as possible and it doesn’t hurt to connect with other owners willing to share their experiences.

Now, while we are on the topic of tips, tricks, and experience sharing, I want to offer some of my own. Below, you will find a couple of useful things you should keep in mind in order to raise a healthy and a happy puppy. If you are a new owner, this will help you get started. And if you already have some experience and are now thinking of getting another puppy, this might freshen up your memory. So, let us get started.

#1 First Interactions

When you first take your puppy home, everyone is excited to welcome them. Don’t be surprised if you see the neighbor’s kids just pop out of nowhere and request to meet the new member of your family. Everyone likes dogs, so how could they meet the chance of meeting the “brand new one”. This interaction can be good for your little pooch, but it can also get too much.

I’m not saying you should ban everyone from visiting in those first days, or that you should forbid all kinds of interactions with the doggie. Your puppy is learning from the very first day and this can help them develop healthy relationships with humans from the start. That means that it won’t be afraid of strangers or hostile towards them once it grows up. And that’s a really important thing.

However, this can also backfire and produce a completely opposite effect. When there are constant crowds around your little fur ball, it might get spooked by something. It is still a vulnerable little being, and people can be inconsiderate. Young children, for example, might scream from excitement, which can have a negative impact on the dog and lead towards the development of the very fear you are trying to avoid. So, moderate the first interactions.

#2 Vet Appointments

This is the most significant thing you need to do in order to keep your dog healthy. When you get any new pet, head to the vet and have it thoroughly examined. These examinations include proper vaccinations, deworming, as well as spaying if necessary. Don’t forget to get some instructions regarding their nutrition from this expert and make sure to schedule regular checkups. A veterinarian is your best friend when it comes to raising a healthy animal.

Here’s what to expect from your first vet appointment:

#3 Necessary Equipment

While it is true that a new puppy doesn’t need a lot of stuff in the beginning, you definitely need to think about getting some equipment. This includes a crate, or a carrier, a bed, food and water dishes, a collar, poop bags, shampoos, toys, etc. It would also be a good idea to get a brush, or a comb, especially if you are keeping the pet in an apartment. Of course, high-quality food and dog treats are a must.

#4 Socializing

Once you have everything set up correctly, it’s important to get your pup to socialize from a very early age. In fact, research shows that the first sixteen weeks are crucial for developing good social skills. So, organize play dates with people, as well as other animals. Don’t limit their socializing to dogs only, since they should at least get comfortable around cats as well. And make sure to get them acquainted with both larger and smaller animals.

#5 Training

Now, this is important both for you and your pet. You need to teach it to behave properly. This includes potty training, bite inhibition, resource guarding and many other things. Do your homework and find various tips on how to properly train your puppy from its very first days. If you don’t do this, you might regret it later, and especially if you get a large breed.


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