Smart Home Office Ideas From Spacejoy That Are Super Practical

Home Office Ideas

Thanks to ever-evolving technologies such as Skype, Facetime, Slack, Google Hangouts, and cloud technology, not to mention WhatsApp and email, one can easily work from home whether it’s every day or on occasion. Thus, it has now become the new normal. On that thought, it is ideal to build yourself a workspace as per your liking and comfort. And the best part is, with so many upcoming online interior design websites, building such a workspace is no longer the cumbersome task it used to be.

Promising reviews of Spacejoy, an online interior design platform to the rescue

After looking around for online interior design platforms, we landed on Spacejoy. The reviews of Spacejoy looks promising enough so we decided to approach their interior designers to get some legit suggestions to guide us in creating a home office. With an incredible team of interior designers guiding you every step of the way, Spacejoy curates a decor concept suitable to fit the desired space, taste and budget. We looked into their Delight Package, priced at $49 to see what home office ideas the Spacejoy team had up their sleeves. They were kind enough to give us a visual layout of what exactly to buy and from where. And we weren’t disappointed!

So what kind of work setup did they come up with? Here are our five favourite home office ideas from Spacejoy.

Creating a Workspace With Ample Storage

Storage is crucial in a home office design to ensure it’s a clutter-free zone. Good design increases productivity and puts you in a good mood. If you’re someone who has a fairly large stash of office supplies, papers, files and books then this design with added storage is perfect for you. The designers of Spacejoy suggested a set of two storage cabinets from Ikea with a bold blue console in the middle from Wayfair to put books up for display. In a scenario of an occasional colleague or client that decided to stop by, their designer also added a white desk from and a velvet chair, both from Wayfair. This could work as a space where you can comfortably sit through crunchy timelines.

Introduce Rustic Tones to Create an Outdoor-Feel Workspace

If you can’t go outdoors, why not bring it indoors? Here’s how Spacejoy’s designer implemented the idea. Set up oak finish furniture in a neutral tone. This creates a delightful earthy ambiance. To break the visual bulk of wood, a couple of metallic accents can be placed, like the magazine holder from Target and the sphere from West Elm. Introduce leather seat chairs with a metallic finish from Wayfair for a rustic feel.

Outdoor-Feel Workspace

The Urban Workstation for Content Creators

Simple grey walls with All Modern’s towering matte bookshelves and geometric print furnishings from Pottery Barn, are a perfect blend of modern meets vintage. The designers of Spacejoy also suggested introducing dainty lamps, delicate indoor faux plants and oblong vases to the room from labels such as Wayfair, Crate And Barrel and Pottery Barn

Content Creators


Designs to Please The Modern Minimalist in You

Minimalism is growing into a likeable home decor concept and we are totally here for it! Spacejoy designers handpicked minimalist decor pieces that will light up your workspace. Simple bookshelves, foam chairs, floor lamps, monochromatic ceramic vases and many other minimalist furnishings can be great additions to your workstation at home.

 Modern Minimalist in You

Office Decor to Match the Spring Season

Infusing earthy vibes into your modern home can create the perfect spring vibe that you are seeking. The designers insist on adding a rich mahogany work table from Ikea to keep things looking homely yet professional. Introduce plants for a dose of fresh air – hanging planters, ferns, and succulents since these are easy to care options to add to your workspace.

Our Final Verdict

Spacejoy Review: Our Final Verdict

The home design ideas from Spacejoy made us realise how a one-on-one consultation can help remarkably achieve the most dreamy decors. We assure you, you are in the most trusted and talented hands the internet has to offer. Whether it is a dedicated TV room, a built-for-purpose study room, or a small workspace with ample space, design your dream home office with Spacejoy’s skilful team of interior designers.


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