Keep Your Dog Safe and Stress-Free with These Moving Tips


You’re preparing for a new home, in a new address, as part of a new chapter in your life. The boxes and packing tape are ready, the ceramics are wrapped in newspaper, and all items you don’t want to bring are either sold or given away.  You’ve probably even secured a “we buy houses in Dallas, Texas” promise from some buyer, as well as pledges from friends who’ll help you unpack. There’s just one thing left — your dog, who might not have the slightest idea you’re moving to a new abode.

These might be exciting times for you, but uprooting can be stressful for your pet. If you’re caring for a furbaby, extra steps should be taken to keep them healthy and comfortable during the moving process.

Maintain As Much of Your Routine as Possible

The stress of moving can throw you off your daily schedule. You’ll find yourself up well into the wee hours of the morning, figuring out how to put away your precious China or organize important documents. You’ll forget to eat lunch or delay taking a shower because you got carried away in folding linen and stuffing shoes into individual boxes.

It is, however, much more difficult for dogs to stray from their normal routine. So, even though you’re laser-focused on storing every glass décor into packaging fillers, you have to maintain your furbaby’s schedule, including meals, walks, and play time. By sticking to your pet’s routine, they can face the whole moving affair without confusion or fear.

Help Your Pets Get Used to Packing Items

Dogs have different kinds of fears. Some are afraid of vacuums, while others won’t go near anything with feathers. So even though there’s nothing scary about cardboard boxes and duct tape, your dog might be afraid of them all the same.

So make sure your pet gets used to these packing items even before you start putting your belongings into the boxes. This ensures they won’t be overwhelmed by the sudden change in their space. Leave a few boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, and colored markers for them to sniff and examine. Come packing day, they won’t be as stressed and confused when you start moving everything.

Take it a step further by bringing your dog to the new home. Allow them to examine the home that’s ready for sale and occupancy and let them sniff around. This helps ease their anxiety and enables them to familiarize themselves with the neighborhood.

Keep Them Away on Moving Day

On moving day, entrust your dog to a friend or a doggie daycare, where they’ll be safe from falling objects and heavy boxes. Moving day is a fussy situation — trucks are pulling up, strangers are entering the house, and people are lifting furniture that haven’t been moved for years. The movements, noise, and clutter may overwhelm your dog. To reduce their anxiety, it’s best to keep them away from the bustle.

This would also ensure that they won’t be in your way. Stressed dogs often follow their owners around. This poses a problem if you’re in the midst of lifting heavy objects. To ensure everyone’s safety, send them to a quiet and secure space on moving day.

Once you’re living in your new home, you can further help your dog settle in by taking them around the neighborhood and restoring their old routine. After all, only the house has been changed—your dog still has the same loving family and safe environment.


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