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Psychology is a new upcoming field of research and development. It is the study of the human mind and its different levels like conscious, subconscious, and unconscious mind. 

These days more and more people are taking up psychology as a career and doing groundbreaking research and finding answers about how the human mind works. Like other areas of science, psychology has a lot of scope and many things that are yet to be known in order to understand the working of the mind.

Child psychologists are also working these days with young children and adolescents to help them with navigating through their emotions and thoughts. Child psychiatry includes various techniques that allow the children to open up to someone, in order to get better at managing their emotions.


The human mind is a complex and highly developed organ that has billions of neurons and neural networks. 

Scientifically, these neurons are responsible for all kinds of memories and synapses that are registered in the brain. They are also responsible for sending and receiving signals throughout the body like a response to external stimuli. 

But the human mind has more to it than just a bunch of neurons sending and receiving electrical signals. Our mind also controls our thoughts, memories, emotions and creative ideas. It allows us to think and come up with solutions to different situations depending on the memories that are already registered in it. 

Psychology aims to study and understand the deeper levels of the human mind that includes working with emotions and the mood, even dreams sometimes. It allows one to understand how and why the human mind thinks, feels, and acts.


There are various emerging fields in the branch of psychology and types of psychology. These are:

  1. CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY: this branch deals with the study, observation, and treatment of mental disorders like bipolar disorder, depression, or obsessive compulsive disorder. 
  2. COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY: this deals with memory, perception, attention, decision making, and problem-solving techniques that an individual learns and applies over the years.
  3. BIOLOGICAL PSYCHOLOGY: this deals with the effect of biological processes on the way a human mind thinks and feels. This area has a lot in common with neurological science.
  4. PERSONALITY PSYCHOLOGY: this branch deals with the study of aspects like the development of thoughts and ideas, patterns of thinking, etc. that make every individual unique and different from each other.
  5. SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY: as the name suggests, this branch studies the collective psychology of groups of people to study their feelings, emotions, similarities, etc. 


These days with growing development in the field of psychology, more and more applications are coming into use. Some of the various ways in which applications of psychology are used and studied are:

  1. MENTAL HEALTH: Probably one of the most important benefits of modern developments in psychology includes its application and practical use in the treatment of various mental disorders like depression etc. 

Mental health is still not given enough importance but needs to be made a priority especially by the young generation. Some mental disorders can really degrade the quality of one’s life and cost them important relationships. 

Seeking professional help from psychologists is a good start if one is troubled by anything in their life. 

  1. CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTS: Many children show symptoms of mental issues. These symptoms may just be extreme anger or crying at times. In the case of children, mental disorders may also manifest as recurring physical ailments like frequent fever, etc. 

Meeting with a child psychologist in such cases can benefit the children and also be a relief for the parents. 

In the case of adolescents, psychologists can help them with the changes they experience during that age and help them with issues if they are struggling with any on the personal front. This ensures their wellbeing and healthy development. 

  1. DEVELOPMENT OF EDUCATIONAL POLICIES: Knowing how the mind works can also be used to find new and interesting ways to reform the education system. 

As we are getting to know more about the working of the mind, which was not this clearly known earlier, we can together change the ways of learning and adopt more efficient teaching methods for the benefit of the society. 


Psychology is a very new field that has recently started to gain more popularity. With the modern ways of living and spending time, one is generally occupied with responsibilities. Many people tend to ignore their mental wellbeing. 

This is causing a rise in the number of mental disorders and even affecting the youth. Psychologists are doing a great job of working with people with mental disorders and helping them.


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