Are You Looking to Buy Great Dane Puppies?


Among the biggest dog breeds in the world is the Great Dane. Dane is a dog that homeowners can have in their homes to act as home guardians. Their giant like bodies makes it difficult for invaders to invade homes providing security for your home. Compared to many other breeds and the size of a Great Dane their lifespan is shorter, therefore you need to feed your Great Dane the right foods.

Are you looking to buy Great Dane puppies or the adult Great Dane? Well, before you go shopping, you need to find out more about their cost, personality traits, nature, feeding habits as well as the care needed to tend to them. By having this information, you will be able to ensure that your Great Dane puppy stays healthy and grows into a healthy dog. Here is a blog post on how much do Great Dane puppies cost and a puppy guide that will also give you an insight on the overall cost of this marvelous and friendly dog. Below are personality traits, food and important tips to caring for your Great Dane puppy so as to ensure that they grow healthy, happy and strong.


 Great Danes have short coats that you can easily maintain and groom. The coat colors, patterns and markings range from black, black and white, blue, silver, fawn, brindle, chocolate, chocolate and white, harlequin, mantle, among others.


Due to their gentle, affectionate and playful nature, especially with kids, Great Danes can be good pets. This trait also makes them easy to train and nurture into a family-friendly pet. But, they can also be defensive and very protective.

Most Great Danes have a lifespan of around 7 to 10 years. Danes can grow to as tall as 34 inches, making them taller than other dogs and their weight can range from 100 pounds to 200 pounds when fully grown. The female Great Dane is around 28 to 32 inches tall and weighs around 100 to 130 pounds. But some Danes might turn out to be smaller or larger than average. For this height and weight to be attained you need to feed your Great Dane puppy with the right diet to help your pup to grow into a strong dog.

 Puppy diet requirements

 You need to feed your puppy well for healthy growth and development. And this isn’t any regular puppy or dog food that is available in the market. A Great Dane puppy requires high-quality puppy foods that will make your puppy grow gradually and neither too slow or too fast. Buy a high-quality puppy food from a known brand. It should contain proteins like poultry, meat, and fish as the main ingredients. There should be a balance of protein, vitamins, digestible carbohydrates, fat, and minerals in the diet to ensure that your Great Dane puppies stay healthy.

 Calcium and protein help boost calcium metabolism and skeletal development leading to healthy bone formation. The daily amounts should also be nutritionally balanced with a Great Dane puppy being fed three meals per day. Excessive growth in most giant-breed puppies increases their risk of developing musculoskeletal issues as they grow that’s why meeting their dietary requirements is essential. You can either get more information on the feeding instructions or speak to your breeder to determine the right feed and quantity.  

Due to their giant size, Great Danes also require a comfortable and warm space as well as daily exercising once they grow and their bones can take on the weight. Make your pick wisely.


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