Buying an Engagement Ring for Men: 7 Proper Etiquette Rules

engagement ring for men

It’s 2020 — a woman, man, or gender-neutral person can propose to a man.

The “rules” on who gets to do what have changed. Now more than ever, you’re free to give a gorgeous ring to anyone you’d like.

We’re all here for it. Buying an engagement ring for men is the best way to show your commitment and give them something to represent your impending marriage.

Keep reading to find out 7 etiquette tips for choosing the best ring for the love of your life.

1. Think of Your Beloved’s Preferences

Before purchasing something that you like and that you’d wear, think about your man’s preferences and lifestyle.

Do they like wearing rings and jewelry at all? If not, you might want to softly approach the idea of them wearing an engagement ring before getting one. You can find a picture of someone with a man-gagement ring online, show it to them, and casually ask what they think about it.

This will let you feel out whether or not it’s a good investment.

If they do wear jewelry or seem into the idea, then it’s a pretty safe assumption to think that they’d love wearing a symbol of your intent to marry.

Other things to consider are non-traditional forms of an engagement ring. This could look like a ring on a necklace or even a tattoo if that’s more suitable to their preferences.

This may be a great alternative if your beloved has a hands-on job where the ring could be lost working on cars or, worse, performing surgery on someone.

2. Spend the Right Amount of Money

Along with gender-restrictive buying rules, the amout of money you “should” spend on a ring has been thrown out of the window.

It was once said that a person should spend three months’ gross salary. Others have suggested that you should spend the same amount of money on a ring as you did for your car.

These suggestions are restrictive and, in many cases, ridiculous and unrealistic.

The modern approach to a buying budget is to spend two weeks’ pay. While this is more realistic, it’s important to note that it doesn’t matter how much a ring costs — it’s the thought that counts.

In some cases, you and your beloved may purchase rings for each other. In this circumstance, you should determine your price range together so your rings can be in the same price ball field.

3. Enlist Help

Considering it’s a relatively big purchase item, you should consult with friends and professionals to find the right ring.

If you choose to enlist the help of his friends, make sure that they can keep a secret so they don’t spoil your surprise (that is to say, if you’re trying to surprise your man). In addition to getting peer support, it’s wise to talk with jewelry experts to get their assistance and advice throughout the process.

4. Choose a Suitable Material

For metal engagement rings, you have a wide variety of choices available. Common wedding metals include silver, white gold, rose gold, titanium, and platinum.

The metal you choose may depend on the budget you’re working with. It also may depend on your beloved’s complexion.

Many jewelry experts advise people with lighter skin tones to wear silver, while those with darker tones should look for gold.

The choice, however, is up to you. Browse men’s engagement rings to get a feel for your options.

5. Find a Timeless Style

While trends are appealing for all fashion-related things, it’s better to opt for something timeless when looking for an engagement ring.

All this means is that the ring should look sleek, elegant, and clean. Aside from that, the options are endless.

You can choose something with sparkle if your man would rock it. This could mean choosing a diamond, moonstone, or opal engagement ring with a unique setting.

Alternatively, you can choose a simple, thin ring that would compliment the wedding band well.

Whichever style you go with, make sure you purchase from a company that allows refunds or exchanges. This will take the pressure off of you and your beloved in case they want something else.

6. Consider Tradition

There’s nothing traditional about a man wearing an engagement ring.

In fact, this older survey suggests that only 5% of men wear engagement rings. The number might be slightly higher now but it’s difficult to assess as it’s still relatively uncommon.

That being said, you may want to take traditions into consideration when crafting your own. Do you want to propose in a surprise moment? Do you want them to wear it on their left-hand ring finger?

With these thoughts, you may also want to consider you and your beloved’s family. Are they extremely traditional? If so, it may help to inform them of your decision to give them an engagement ring.

Even if they aren’t open to the idea, don’t let it deter you. This is your relationship — nobody has the right to tell you how it should look.

7. The “Right” Finger Placement

Again, setting the tradition is up to you.

Most people wear their engagement ring on the same finger as the wedding band. In some cultures, this is actually on the right hand.

If you want to put more meaning into it, look into your beloved’s ancestry with them and determine where their cultural roots come from. It may turn out that their great-great-great-great-grandparent wore the ring on their right hand.

In the case that this is true for your beloved, present this information to them when you propose. Then, you can tell them that wearing it on the opposite hand is something their kin used to do.

Find the Perfect Engagement Ring for Men

With these etiquette rules in mind, you can find the best choice for an engagement ring for men. Keep in mind that these aren’t hard rules — you can go about the process in whatever way feels right to you.

Take your time, put thought into it, and choose the one that fits their style and personality.

Keep reading our blog for more relationship tips.


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