What Are Mail-Order Brides? Explained in Details

Mail-Order Brides

Although this term isn’t as popular as it once was, we still sometimes use it for women who seek marriage and opportunity in foreign lands. As you can presume, these ladies “sell” themselves to guys with solid financial backgrounds as a way of escaping poverty.

While money is the main motivation for mail-order brides, some of these women are also looking to create a family in a stable, prosperous country. They are willing to become a wife to a complete stranger just so they can secure better opportunities for their kids. Mail-order brides also resort to this solution to escape political instability and other issues in the region.

In this article provided by dating experts from https://bridesuniverse.com, we’ll talk more about the concept of mail-order brides and where these females come from.

Who Are Mail-Order Brides?

Mail-order brides were first mentioned in the US during the 17th and 18th centuries. These audacious women were mostly Europeans who wanted to come to the States and begin a new life. They would seek out prosperous Americans and would marry them with minimal prior contact.

This kind of transaction was incredible for both sides. Girls would get valid immigration papers, while guys got a new enchanting wife to spend the rest of their lives with. Upon signing the document, the couple would also receive a piece of land and other types of subventions.

The main goal of past mail-order bride marriages would be to populate America. It worked like a charm for domestic bachelors, providing them with a pool of suitable partners. Although it’s 2024, the concept still works, although the government no longer participates in the “transaction.”

How to Find Mail-Order Brides?

To find a modern mail-order bride, bachelors from Western, developed states use specialized for-marriage websites. These online platforms work in a similar manner as Tinder, Hinge, or OkCupid, although they tend to be more expensive, prompting men to spend money for each message.

Another common issue with these websites is that they tend to use bots. They send automated messages to users, enticing them to spend more money on messages and in-store gifts. As such, your international dating experience will be heavily affected by the website you choose for communication.

Despite certain disadvantages, using online platforms is much easier as you can search for beautiful ladies from the comfort of your home. You don’t have to visit any of these countries and spend thousands of dollars going to clubs. Instead, you can start chatting with a few girls and find the ones that like you.

Can You Meet Mail-Brides Offline?

As indicated, there’s also an option of traveling to one of these countries and meeting ladies in person. The method is generally more expensive, but it’s also more fun and helps you avoid nasty surprises. Specifically, by going to countries like Russia, Thailand, and Columbia, you can be certain that a girl is real and that she’s truthfully interested in you.

Attending specialized singles events in the home countries where these girls live is a great way to go about things. For example, countries like Japan have had massive population issues for a while, and the government has reacted by organizing these gatherings. Foreigners are also welcome, allowing you to meet your future-to-be wife in a nice, pleasant environment.

You can also find girls through matchmaking brokers. It’s worth mentioning that intermediaries have become less common with the development of the Internet and dating sites, but they still exist. Of course, the most straightforward way of meeting mail brides is by hitting the clubs and meeting girls the old-fashioned way.

Where Do Mail-Order Brides Come From?

In theory, a mail-order bride is any girl who lives outside your borders and is willing to marry you on the fly. In practice, these women hail from three main regions of the world:


Many women who live in Russia, Belorussia, Ukraine, Serbia, and other Slavic countries are looking toward the West for the fulfillment of their dreams. Most of these places offer limited opportunities to women, even if they’re college-educated. So, in a last-ditch attempt, many of them try out international dating sites as they pursue the US and the UK guys.

The great thing about Slavic brides is that they’re among the toughest women in the world. Besides the fact many of them grew up poor, they also carry the discipline and resilience of their forefathers. While they might not be the most passionate lovers, they make up for themselves by being stable in relationships, as well as great mothers.


Compared to Slavic ladies, Latinas are a living fire. They are among the most passionate women in the world, and most guys perceive them as dream girlfriends. Although they’re a tough catch, once they accept you as a boyfriend, they’ll give it their best to keep you satisfied and well-fed.

Most Latinas grew up in massive families. They usually have numerous siblings, which means they’re used to guys and their behavior. Even if you’re a bit childish, it will remind them of their brothers, so they won’t take it against you. Nevertheless, they require total respect and lots of attention from their partners.


Asians love Western men. Unlike the locals, guys from Europe and America are much larger and have blue eyes and blond hair, something that Japanese, Chinese, and Thai find irresistible. So, unlike some other girls on this list, Asians are more likely to develop genuine affection and lust toward you.

Girls from these countries are traditionally brought up putting men first. They will wash your legs, prepare yummy dishes, and obey all your commands. However, they would give you respect just because you’re pretty; it’s something you’ll have to earn through your deeds.


Before starting your international dating journey, we suggest you first learn more about these three distinct groups. These cultures are completely different in their behavior and beliefs, offering various advantages and disadvantages to bachelors. So, make sure you hit on the right ladies if you wish to avoid disappointment down the line. 


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