11 Beautiful Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas to Liven Up Any Space

kitchen wall decor ideas

The average cost of a modest kitchen remodel in the U.S. is over $66,000. That is a big investment and an even bigger decision, so you may want to consider cheaper options that also get great results.

If your kitchen is looking drab, outdated, and in need of a makeover then consider a facelift rather than a transplant.

Read on to discover 11 kitchen wall decor ideas that will have you loving your kitchen again without the expensive price tag.

1. Wall-papered Accent Pattern

What was once considered out-dated is now the new modern. Wall-paper comes in fun, colorful, and classy prints that don’t just belong in the bedroom or bathroom.

Make your kitchen pop with a beautiful wall-paper accent wall. Keep it cohesive by using similar colors and styles that match your cabinets and countertop. Add a patterned rug to spread the design throughout the kitchen.

2. Paint it Black

Use kitchen decorations as your color pallet against an elegant backdrop of black or a similar dark tone. You want to create interest without compromising style, so keep the contrast alive. Paint alternate walls dark and keep your cabinetry light so your kitchen doesn’t become a cave.

Make sure your walls are well lite with handing lamps or spotlight lights. Bright artwork can also make the dark walls pop and make your kitchen fresh.

3. Wall-to-Wall Statement Backsplash

Go bold with a backsplash that covers your whole wall, from ceiling to floor and end to end. Visit this page to find gorgeous glass and tile that create a focal point of your kitchen.

Choose a translucent tile to create a reflective brightness throughout the kitchen. Or use a smooth marble for a classic design with a modern twist.

4. Artistic Pot and Pan Rack

Some kitchen decorating ideas can be just as functional as they are appealing. Hang your pots and pans in style with custom boards and hooks.

Use refurbished cutting boards with a new stain finish and traditional nails for hanging to give your kitchen a country feel. Get modern with stainless steel racks and large industrial-size hooks to display your beautiful copper cookware.

5. Industrial Brick

Even if you don’t live in a loft downtown you can still have the ambiance of one in your kitchen. A brick accent wall or backsplash works well in large open kitchens that can handle their grand appearance.

However, use has munch brick as you desire. Go for a small accent behind your sink or use wall-to-wall coverage. The color of the brick will also set the tone of your kitchen. Classic red bricks makes a space cozy while more modern white opens the space up. Be sure to make your brick style match the rest of your kitchen decor.

6. Wall Gallery

Spruce up your kitchen with a collage of your favorite artwork. Use the same artist to make it a complete gallery of cohesive pieces.

Landscape pieces can serve as an artificial window, bringing nature into a closed-in space, especially if you live in an apartment in the city. You can also use colorful portraits of delicious still life food. These pictures will make your kitchen even more appetizing.

Be sure to add pops of color or a focal color to increase the interest of your gallery wall.

7. Interesting Shelves

This may be an obvious home decor kitchen idea but shelving has a lot of creative potential. You can use juxtaposed positions and designs to turn the shelves into a sculptural delight.

Decide on your materials to match your kitchen’s style. Wood shelving can be traditional while metal is considered modern. Then place your shelves in a unique pattern to create interest while making them versatile for large objects.

Decide what the shelves will hold. Will they serve as a functional piece or simply for aesthetics? Whichever the case, keep them cohesive by using similar items. You can alternate scale by using small pieces then larger objects. Take a step back occasionally to see how your shelf looks from afar.

8. Hanging Herb Garden

The kitchen is the perfect space for your own herb garden. Use the wall space efficiently by placing hanging planter boxes on sliding shelves to access your herbs with ease.

Keep an area available for a watering can and extra seeds for planting more herbs. You also want a pair of scissors handy to cut your delicate plants to enjoy in your next meal.

Also, be sure to label your plants for easy identifying. Use chalk labels so you can erase and use the pot again for a different herb.

9. Menu Chalkboard

What’s for dinner? You might hear this question far too often. Let your family know what is cooking by making one of your empty walls a changing menu.

Installing a chalkboard is easy and fun. When the kitchen is closed use it as a grocery list or a message board for your family. The kids might also enjoy drawing some art to accompany your meal options.

10. Mounted Produce Baskets

A bowl of fruit on the table is traditionally the only way to get your fruit noticed and eaten. However, some fruit gets lost on the bottom or simply doesn’t fit at all.

Use hanging baskets to separate and display various fruits without having them go rotten. They also make putting away the groceries easy while keeping them organized.

11. Mini Coffee and Tea Station

Your countertop isn’t the only place for coffee and tea. The wall can serve as your place of morning happiness while freeing up some much-needed counter space. Add a shelf, some hooks, and a fun sign to get your station started. Cups can hang from the hooks as the mixtures of coffee and teas sit in small hanging jars or rest on the shelf.

DIY Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

Many of these kitchen wall decor ideas are easy enough to tackle on your own. Putting up shelves and painting can be done in a day to give your home a fresh start instantly.

Visit our DIY For the Home section for more tips on improving your living space.


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