8 Excellent Ways to Show Your State Pride

state pride

A recent study found that the majority of Americans never drift too far from the state in which they were born. Whether you’ve made a permanent home out of your home state or you’ve set off in search of something new, we all have state pride!

The question is, how do we show it pride off? There are tons of shirts, posters, mugs, and more sporting the American flag and other Americana. What about state swag?

Believe it or not, there are tons of ways to announce to the world that you love your home state, ranging from conventional to kooky.

Read on for 8 of our favorite ways to share your state pride.

1. State Flags

Let’s start with the state pride idea that rings true with any lover of front porch Americana. If you’re already in the habit of bringing out your American flag every morning, why not add a state flag to the mix?

Install an extra flag pole on your front porch or display your state pride on a mini garden flag holder. Then, find the best state flags on the market and fly ’em high!

2. State Wall Art

Why keep your state pride outdoors only? Spread the love of your state all over your home with wall art!

You can find state wall art in a wide variety and you’re bound to find something that matches your interior design. Go classic with a canvas indoor state flag or retro with tin. Think way outside the box and get a wire cutout of your state that will add fun and texture to any gallery wall.

Wall art can reflect just about any aspect of your state that you love, whether it’s the state itself, the mascot of your favorite state sporting team, or a painting of your favorite view!

3. State-Themed Dinner Parties

Want to drop a little knowledge about your state’s cuisine? Why not throw a dinner party for friends and family and serve state-themed food and beverages?

If you’re from Texas, chicken-fry some steaks and brew up some sweet tea. If you’re a Massachussetsan, get ready to serve up some clam chowder and lobster rolls. Every state has its own iconic food and what better way to get to know a region than with your taste buds?

4. State Apparel

Like wall art, state apparel comes in all shapes, sizes, and designs. There’s something for everyone!

Do you love a good quote shirt? Find ones with your state slogan or a joke only someone from your state would understand.

Are you more of a graphic tee kind of person? Look for shirts printed with state flags, birds, or even parks!

Go beyond the classic t-shirt and look for earrings, belts, totes, and baseball caps that give a shout out to your favorite state.

5. State-Shaped Ornaments

State-shaped ornaments are a great addition to any holiday decor, and they make great gifts! If you’re not sure what to get for Grandma or Mom this holiday season, consider sending them an ornament in the shape of their home state.

Don’t worry, we’ve thought of a solution for states that don’t have an iconic or recognizable shape. (We’re looking at you, Wyoming!) Look for ornaments in the shape of your state’s coat of arms, bird, or even dog!

6. State Scents

What is a state scent, you ask? This is any smell that reminds you of your home state!

Vermonters might crave the scent of maple syrup. Floridians may love the smell of freshly squeezed orange juice. Mainers might rejoice upon smelling pine trees and ocean breezes.

Believe it or not, our sense of smell is one of the most memory-evoking senses we have. Plenty of candle companies have picked up on our state pride and have come up with a perfect product to bring us back home no matter where we live: state-scented candles!

7. State Plants

Did you know that every state has a state flower and a state tree? If you have state pride and a green thumb, why not celebrate by planting your state’s official plants?

Now, this particular method only works depending on your climate. For example, Arizona’s palo verde may not do too well if you’ve relocated to the chilly Rocky Mountains. Before you start your planting, do some research on your current local climate and the conditions your state plants thrive in.

If they don’t match up, never fear! Substitute the real thing for some indoor potted fake plants, an arrangement of dried flowers, or a wall-hanging of pressed flowers and foliage.

8. State Dishware

Last but not least on our list of state pride swag is state dishware. You can find state dishware for any occasion, whether you’re looking for formal china or dishes for everyday use!

If you want to go bold, stock your cabinets with plates and bowls painted with your state’s coat of arms. If you’re looking for something more subtle and elegant, consider dishes that are engraved with your state flower.

With state dishware, you’ll be serving state pride with every meal, regardless of the cuisine!

Let out Your State Pride

No matter where you live, you should celebrate your state pride loud and proud!

Are there any great ideas for showing off state pride that we didn’t include on our list? Contact us and let us know!

For more helpful tips, tricks, and ideas, bookmark our website and check back with us often.


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