You’ve got this – 6 things to consider when you decide to quit smoking

decide to quit smoking
Quitting smoking concept. Hand is rejecting cigarette offer.

Congratulations on deciding to quit smoking. It’s no mean feat. It takes determination and an incredible amount of willpower but taking this first step was probably the hardest! When you decide to stop smoking, you’re not just giving up nicotine, you’re investing in your own future and your own health. You may be wondering if you’ll actually manage to pull this off and quit for good, but with a little determination, support from your GP and some helpful tips, every day you’ll be a step closer to your goal.

Read on for 6 things to consider when you decide to quit smoking.

Look at an alternative

If you’re really struggling, or you’re hoping to start your quitting process at a slower, gentler rate then vaping is often the go-to option. 88Vape can help you with some simple starter kits, and help you get to know the products, liquids and the benefits of vaping over traditional cigarettes. 

Be positive 

You may have tried to quit before and failed, but that doesn’t mean you’ll fail this time. People around you may inform you of their own desire to quit smoking, or their lack of willpower and how “you’ll never do it”, at this crucial stage in the quitting process it’s important to think positive and block out as much negativity as you can

Anticipate when your cravings will hit

The more prepared you are, the better chance you have of fighting those cravings. If you like a cigarette after a meal, then reach for an e-cig instead, or leave the table and busy yourself with something else. Enjoy a smoke on your break? Head to the break room rather than the smoking shelter outside and enjoy a coffee whilst keeping out of the rain. Prepare yourself.

Keep reminding yourself why you want to quit

The reasons we want to quit vary from person to person. Whether you’ve had a health scare and you’re worried about your life expectancy, or perhaps you’re worried about your children picking up your habits, or your own habit damaging their health through passive smoking. Make a list of why you want to quit and keep something close at hand that reminds you of your reasons. A photo of your kids on your keyring could be the subtle motivation that pushes you in the right direction.

Hang out with non-smokers

Whether you’re at work or at a party, you probably have fellow smokers that you chat and indulge with. However, if you want to remain focused on your quitting journey, you should consider hanging out with non-smokers. That doesn’t mean banish those who smoke from your life entirely, just don’t allow yourself to be put in a situation where you’ll feel pressured to smoke or the temptation will be too strong. 


Moving your body is probably going to be easier now you’ve quit smoking. However, if you’re still having cravings then consider getting a little exercise instead. Stretch, walk around the block, jog on the spot, try some yoga. Getting your blood pumping and focusing on your body will certainly help keep those cravings at bay and create a strong distraction. 


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