Reasons Why You Should Drink Orange Juice

Drink Orange Juice

Orange juice has been a staple in most American homes for decades. It is hard to imagine breakfast without orange juice. There are people that are too lazy to prepare the juice on their own and will buy one that is ready-made. It is always recommended that you do the juicing on your own since you have greater control over the ingredients and there is a high yield quality. For the process to be effective, you will need a good juicer. Make sure you’re doing the research before settling on any given product.

Since it will be the first time buying a juicer, there are a couple of considerations that you need to have in mind. For starters, you want to make sure that you have a reasonable budget. You don’t want to be buying a cheap juicer that will fail after a few months. You also need to research the type of juicer that you will be buying. There are juicers that are specifically designed for orange juice. Having looked at some of the considerations when buying an orange juicer, here are some of the reasons why you should drink orange juice regularly.

Rich in Vitamin C

It is no secret that orange juice is packed in Vitamin C which helps in boosting the immune system. It is common practice for people to consume a lot of Vitamin C during winter because it helps with the cold and can help in fighting certain illnesses. There are two ways of getting Vitamin C and that is by eating and drinking it. Not a lot of people will be enthusiastic about eating but drinking is a lot more fun and enjoyable.  A glass of orange juice in a day increases the Vitamin C levels by up to 40%. There is no reason why you shouldn’t be investing in a good juicer if that is the case.

Helps in Fighting Free Radicals

Free radicals can become a nuisance if they’re not properly handled. They can cause damage to DNA and cells. This will ultimately lead to a weaker immune system which leaves you susceptible to illnesses.  Vitamin C will come in handy from stop the radicals from spreading in the body which is something that you can get in abundance when you take orange juice.

Preventing Kidney Stone

Kidney stones can be a painful annoyance and is not something that you’d want to experience. The best way you can prevent kidney stones is by making sure that you’re hydrated all the time. Not everyone likes taking water. Instead of not taking action at all, you can make a habit of taking orange juice at some points during the day. This will ensure that you’re not dehydrated which could lead to a host of different problems.

Improve Blood Circulation

Most problems with blood circulation will come as a result of poor blood circulation in the body. Good blood circulation is crucial for the functioning of the different organs in the body. Oranges are known to have a high float count which is important in the creation of new cells and DNA. It is from this that the red blood cells will be produced which stimulates blood flow. You will not have challenges recovering from the flu or a cold because of the boost the immune system receives.

Balancing Blood Pressure

In addition to improving the circulation of blood, taking orange juice can also help in balancing blood pressure. This is because it is rich in potassium which aids in activating the small blood vessels. This will, in turn, reduce the blood pressure which has been known to cause a number of cardiovascular diseases. The best way would be to juice the orange yourself so that you’re getting maximum benefits.

Better Skin

You probably know by now that you’re what you eat. The same applies when it comes to skincare. If all you eat is nothing but greasy junk food, you can say goodbye to having fair and smooth skin. Incorporating a balanced diet to your lifestyle will have an all-round positive effect. The skin needs Vitamin C and Potassium which can be found in orange juice.

Do centrifugal juicers destroy nutrients? Before you can ask this question, you need to make sure that you’ve done proper research on the different juicers available. Make sure that you’re only comparing orange juicers in order to improve the chances of getting the ideal choice for your juicing needs.


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