6 reasons why you should get an instant personal loan to plan your dream wedding

Having a dream wedding setup can be possible with a personal loan now

If you have been dreaming of organizing a grand wedding ceremony and the only obstacle is money, then its time to bid good-bye to it. With the one-click application of an instant loan, you can now erase all the impossibilities that withhold you from reaching your long-time wish. A personal loan can help you plan a trip or tour, honeymoon, buy your favorite car, get your house a dream interior, plan a bachelor’s party, Haldi or Mehendi event, etc. With an easy processing of a personal loan, you can simply fulfill your wish now. Besides, the personal loan calculator can help you get a detailed billing based on interest and other charges.

In fact, before you apply for a personal loan, it is always better to plan well with an EMI calculator. It helps to get you an idea of how much amount you can borrow with the provided rate of interest.

How personal loan helps you set a grand wedding

A personal loan, as discussed above, can be used in multiple ways. Even if your eligibility fails for a particular type of loan application, a personal loan can always be considered an alternative. Here are six reasons why applying for an instant personal loan is better than drowning in worries during a wedding ceremony.

Bachelor/bachelorette party

It is one of the most awaiting events that a bride or a bridegroom plans for their friends. The event needs to be lavish and planned carefully. However, if you do not have enough cash then problems are likely to happen during preparation. In fact, many people skip this party so as to save money. But your dream wedding event would not start without this. Hence, a personal loan is all you can have to keep the party on the to-do list.

Venue decoration

Venue decoration is necessary and can be costly simultaneously. Expenses in preparing and arrangement of cutlery or interior decoration require money in every single step. In fact, entry of the bride or the bridegroom on prop can also be planned only when you have enough cash. And to save you from the burden, you can apply for a personal loan than looking here and there for worthless alternatives.

Theme wedding

Whether it is vintage or whimsical, the plan of your themed wedding would not take with the shortage of money. Although theme wedding could be extremely expensive, you do not deserve to step-back just because of the insufficiency of finance. A personal loan lender will always agree to finance you if the case is marriage. So, look out for such a financing institute and you will have your dream wedding planned the way you want.

Plan car for the groom

Gifting a car to the groom remains on the wish list of the people and the only way to make it happen is via a personal loan. At the time of the wedding, you cannot spend lakhs of cash for buying a particular gift since cash is worth for the keeps. So, you can get them a car with the help of a personal loan. A personal loan calculator will help you check how much EMIs you will have to pay.

Marriage Reception

Marriage reception is the last event for a marriage that is organized by the groom and family. It is a celebration for a successful marriage where the groom’s family invites people from both sides. The event may cost a fair amount and if you lack cash then a personal loan is something you can rely upon. You can check online the EMI amount that you have to pay every month simply by using a personal loan EMI calculator, this simply makes the process more seamless. 


A wedding ceremony leaves a wide hole in your pocket and the expense of a honeymoon awaits your attention. Planning a tour can be way expensive than you think, and personal loan is one such rescuer which can help you enjoy a hassle-free tour with the love of your life.

This is how a personal loan can help you plan a grand wedding even if you do not have sufficient cash with you. Also to consider the fact, a marriage event is likely where you can face a shortage of finance, you can always be very prepared and have a payment plan in place using a personal loan EMI calculator. So, there is nothing to feel stressed about.

Nowadays, the processing of a personal loan is way easier than it used to be. You can use a personal loan calculator to have an understanding of your monthly EMIs and interest rates. Also, with the growing market, most lenders thrive to make it a customer-friendly deal with low time processing, minimum processing fees, convenient EMI options, etc.

But before you plan to take a personal loan, it is always recommended to use a personal loan calculator which can provide you with the idea of EMI of the amortization period. On the basis of this, you can select the most affordable EMI options as per your convenience. You will also need to be aware of the extra charges and fees that may be levied on you. So, go through the terms and conditions as well.


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