How to Recognize a Bookmaker Scammer

Bookmaker Scammer

Even though many materials have been written about scammers in the betting field, there are many scammers on the market. Many players register their accounts, make deposits and never see their money and their winnings. That’s why we would attract your attention once more to unreliable bookmakers and explain how to detect scammers in the betting market.

Indicators That You Are Dealing with a Scammer

Scam bookmakers are not as rare as you might think. They are still online, and they still get people who are willing to deposit funds and in the very end, lose them. So, you shall know how to detect a scammer and to avoid it.

  • The first thing that would attract you is high bonuses. Sometimes, it looks like the company offers free money without any requirements. Remember that bonuses do not mean free money. They all come with special requirements called wagering requirements. Sometimes, you might find a bookmaker that offers a small sum for free, without any requirements. But these sums are very low. And if you win something, you will still need to wager the winnings.
  • Super high odds on betting. Even if the bookmaker offers buaksib, odds are usually almost the same on different websites. There might be slight variations and these variations matter. However, if a bookmaker offers much better odds than the competitors, most likely, this is a clear indication that you are dealing with a scammer.
  • Spamming with mails is a bad indicator. If you start getting emails with incredible offers from a bookmaker, be careful. Reliable companies never do so. Even if you have checked their website or even if you have registered there, it is not a reason to spam you. If a bookmaker applies forbidden practices, it is a bad sign.
  • Persistent phone calls are one more indicator that you are dealing with a scammer. Phone calls are often used by scammers to press their victims to make one more deposit, to place one more bet, and similar. If you start getting such calls, stop depositing any funds. Most likely, you will never see any winnings even if you win. So, at least don’t continue feeding the scammer. Leave feedback online and if possible, report the company to relevant authorities.
  • Payment options are limited to those that don’t offer any protection to players. Usually, those are Western Union or other similar systems. Scammers rarely use e-wallets, bank cards or bank transfers because all those options allow the player to get the funds back.

There are many other indicators such as the absence of a valid license, negative feedback online, legal cases. However, to find out more about them, you shall perform proper research. Some players find it rather difficult and don’t spend their time to ensure the fair betting experience for themselves. The mentioned details are more evident and allow detecting a scammer even without making any specific research.


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