Best 2021 Foosball Table Reviews for Foosball Fans Looking to Buy a Table


If you’re going to visit your friend’s game room, there’s a high chance that you would find foosball in there. This game is trendy, and it’s known as table soccer that dates back into the early 1920s. It was patented in the United Kingdom by Harold Searles Thornton, and he developed the miniature idea because of the growing popularity of football in many countries.

In the US, this game has gained popularity, especially in pool halls and bars. Since then, they were adapted into the mainstream, where companies use them to keep their employees entertained, or individuals buy the tables to have fun with their families.

Nowadays, you can’t find any shortage of soccer table manufacturers because they are almost anywhere especially in 2021. If you’re looking to buy one, you should check out these foosball table reviews first and see the pros and cons. With different variations out there, it’s understandable how someone could feel overwhelmed, and to help you out with the purchase process, here is some information you may want to know about.

All Around Functionality with the Kick Legend

The materials are made from medium-density fiberboard, which is excellent as a wood substitute. Some will give you options for lifetime warranties with counterbalanced foosmen. Select the ones that are built to be durable and can withstand a lot of hours of playtime. However, these are heavy, and some hard plastic balls are not ideal for play, so you may need to upgrade.

These all-rounders give you the best value for your money, and this is ideal for players with advanced skill levels. Most of the tables designed by the company can fit any room, and they are often more suitable than entry-level tables. They are made using a half-inch laminate and MDF material so there are no dead spots, and they can be smoother to play.

The counterbalanced players are usually outside of the box, and they remain at a horizontal level even if you release them. One advantage of using this is it’s easy for the players to score because the foosmen don’t necessarily block the ball. 

In intense matches, the company has added rubber bottoms on the legs to avoid unnecessary movements. Aside from the need to upgrade the original balls, this can be an excellent start for those who want to make it to the big leagues. You can read reasons why you should play foosball in this link here.

Warrior Foosball Table

This has been officially recognized as something that meets the needs of experienced players, and it’s pretty affordable. It weighs approximately 200 pounds, and it’s durable enough to be used in various sizes and types of players.

There are rod guards, foosball men, and a classic design resembling a soccer game, and they can all be assembled really easily. Some of the integrated levers are in place to ensure that the table’s levels remain consistent even if it’s placed on a slightly uneven floor.

The price range is more affordable, and it’s one of the best options out there for players who don’t want to break the bank. They can cost half the price of a commercial table that’s made for competitions. With their weight of more than 200 pounds, they don’t tend to budge even an inch, and they can withstand aggressive matches in bars, offices, and homes.

There are also rod guards to add protection since the game can damage furniture, walls, and bodies. While you’re engrossed in an intense game, you may forget how close you are to your favorite glass or other people. The steel rod could jut out quickly and accidentally, and it can cause injury.

This is why there are plastic rod guards that keep them safe. They protect the steel rods, and this is usually a very nice afterthought from the makers. It’s also easy to assemble this, and they can be ready in just under an hour. However, like any other equipment, it will be best if you have two people who can help you assemble the table, so you’ll get help whenever you need it.

Rally & Roar Corland Table

This option is the best value if you want no-frills, and this has a sturdy construction. It’s more extensive and ideal for four adult players. It’s an excellent addition to any game room that you have with its sleek finishes, the best value, and practicality.

It’s less durable compared to Kick, but this can support up to four players. Leg levelers with rubber bases help the floor and protect everything from moving out of place.

The cabinets are made up of an oak wood laminate with MDF. This results in a more classic look with a good amount of stability. Some of the playfield surfaces are about 15 mm thick, and the coat can seem to slow down the ball. However, this can be managed and adapted by players given in time. The corners and ramps of the tables can prevent the dead spots, and there is a simple return system in place for the ball.

Another feature is the rods that are made up of chrome-plated steel. They are responsive and smooth, but the company might need to focus more on the wooden handles. It’s best to upgrade the bushings, especially when you notice that the men start to move out of their positions. Overall, this is a solid table that’s worthy of your consideration. Learn more about table football in this link here:


The reviews are not all-inclusive, and it’s still best if you could do your research. Read other reviews and make sure to do measurements in your room before purchasing these. Some of the configurations vary, and the paint on the foosmen may differ from one table to another. It’s essential to get one that gives you a more comfortable grip that can enhance your overall gaming experience. Look for tables that are great for beginners, affordable, lightweight, and have ergonomic handles. 


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