How to energise yourself in the mornings

energise yourself in the mornings

Are you one of those people that always feel tired in the mornings? It doesn’t seem to matter if you’ve had 6 hours of sleep or 10 hours of sleep. This could be down to a poor or unorganized morning wake up routine, often leaving you feeling grumpy, tired and late for work. How can we change this? 

Use this simple 3 step guide to help you wake up feeling energetic, optimistic and ready for whatever the day brings. Stick to this routine and work it into a habit over the next few days.

Firstly, what actually wakes you from your sleep? A loud beeping alarm in a cold room of darkness? Hardly makes you want to jump out of bed in the best of moods. Try investing in a sunrise lamp, to simulate the natural sunrise accompanied by a natural alarm tone to ease you from your dreams. In the summer months, you could even buy a window blinds motor with a scheduled timer to automatically open your blinds in the morning. Try to stay away from shouty alarms, or those alarms that require you to do exercise and even chase them around the room. They may seem good at the start but later become a nightmare in your life putting you in an angry mood in record time

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The next step is very important and possibly one of the best things you can do in the morning to start your day right ( And it’s not coffee! ).

Drink water! As soon as you wake up, drink some water. You’ll need to get into the habit of bringing a glass of water to bed the night before, setting yourself up for success. After hours of dehydrating in your sleep, your body will be crying out for some water to rehydrate you. This actually means staying away from coffee first thing in the morning, as caffeine, in general, dehydrates your body. Coffee instead of water in the morning leaves you feeling like your eyes are held open with matchsticks while you walk around like a zombie.

Drink water

The last step is to try and create an atmosphere that doesn’t let you fall back to sleep. If you have a TV or a TV Bed, turn it on and turn the volume up to a moderate volume. The news or a music channel usually works best. Put your dressing gown and slippers next to your bed the night before so you aren’t cold and wanting to dive back into the covers as soon as you stand up. Make sure you finish the rest of your water, take a few deep breaths in and out to get some oxygen flowing to your brain. 


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This routine requires prep the night before, such as your water and placing your dressing gown by the bed. You could even go as far as setting your breakfast out, ready for the morning and taking a few minutes out of your morning rush. Truth is, if you stick to this routine you’ll notice a huge difference in not only how you feel in the mornings but throughout the day. A successful morning transitions into a successful day, tackling little problems one at a time.


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