Benefits of Honey for Dogs

Discover The Health Benefits Of Pure Manuka Honey Your Dogs!
Discover The Health Benefits Of Pure Manuka Honey Your Dogs!

Dogs are wonderful pets that are fun to be around. The furry animals make us laugh, reduce our stress levels, and even protect us. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people have breakfast with their dogs.

If honey makes part of your breakfast, you may be wondering whether your dog should also partake in it. With all the health benefits associated with taking honey, surely it must be beneficial for your furry friends too!

No doubt, your dog would not mind visiting your honeypot as long as it takes. However, is honey safe for dogs?

Read on to find out.

Is Honey Safe for Dogs?

Quality honey is 100% safe for dogs. Honey is comprised of sugars and small amounts of vitamins and minerals. The compound is mostly used as a sweetener in beverages and foods.

The sweetness of honey is both good and bad for dogs. How?

If you give your dog honey every day and don’t let her have enough exercise, she is likely to grow overweight. Honey can only be helpful for your dog when given in the right amounts. Moreover, the edible should be given together with other foods, and the dog should be allowed to exercise regularly.

After feeding your dog honey, don`t forget to brush her teeth to prevent tooth decay triggered by sugars.

Raw honey is good for dogs with complications in their immune system.

What Are the Benefits of Honey for Dogs?

Are there any benefits of giving dogs honey?

A number of natural health professionals promote the use of honey by both people and pets, such as dogs.

Honey has antifungal and antimicrobial properties, which help in healing sore throat, preventing stomach ulcers, curing allergies, and reducing inflammation. However, there are not many scientific studies that have verified these claims. The claims can, therefore, be termed as subjective.

Nevertheless, honey has been being used for centuries across different cultures. Its safety is beyond any doubts. If you are looking for a safe, additional compound to include in your dog’s meals, honey would be perfect.

One popular claim about honey is that it can prevent regular allergies in dogs and humans. With or without scientific backing, there is no reason not to believe that honey can improve the health of your dog. Many people have been giving their dogs honey, and the outcome has been impressive. However, honey can be dangerous for puppies, diabetic dogs, and obese ones, especially when given in excess.

People have always used honey to relax the throat and reduce pain resulting from stomach ulcers. If your dog has a sore throat, just feed her some little honey. However, it is advisable to consult your vet before trying the natural remedy since you may not know the actual problem that the dog has. The sore throat could be a result of something that you may not be aware of.

Honey is also known to prevent inflammations in dogs by giving them a distraction, especially when it’s uncomfortable.

How Much Honey Should You Give Your Dog?

You already know that it’s not advisable to give dogs a lot of honey regularly. So, how much would be a safe amount of honey to give? This is where your veterinarian comes in.

Dogs breeds vary in terms of sizes, intelligence, capabilities, and other factors. Therefore, they have different needs and abilities. For this reason, consult your vet to help you determine the correct amount of honey to give your pet. The professional will evaluate the dog to determine her nutritional needs and advise you accordingly.


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