Top Apartment Pet Amenities You can Find in 2020


Did you know that luxury apartment homes are stepping up their game in the pet amenity department? It used to be, the only concern for renters was if the new apt property was pet friendly. But times have certainly changed. New modern apartments are not only offering fresh amenities to the tenants, but to their furry friends as well. 

Be on the lookout for some of these in your city. You might not believe what is in store for your dog. 

A Pet Washing Station 

How many of you brought your pet in from outside after a long day in the park only to have him/her soil up your place. Many of you can attest to dirty carpets, bed sheets, and couches. ( Dog wash rooms have now started to appear in many apartments around the country. Best of all, they are included in your rent. So you won’t have to pay extra out of pocket in order to use these facilities. They will come with all the tools necessary to clean your pet!

Doggie Run

We all know that dogs have unbound energy that they need to let loose. If your apartment community is located in a city like Dallas, you may not have access to a park or play area. Luckily, there are now many apartment complexes that have dog runs on-site. The bad news is that apts with these amenities are more expensive.  Although a dog run usually isn’t as large as a park, the run does the trick!!

And more and more communities like these are popping up. You shouldn’t have too hard of a time securing space with something comparable. 

On-site Dog Park


Speaking of the dog park, a vast majority of communities have these oversized parks; many times on the property or adjacent to it. Now you can relax or chat it up with neighbors as your pets run and play. It sure beats having to walk them down the street while they sniff trees decide whether to choose a spot to relieve themselves

Many complexes will also both have separate sections for both large and small dogs. 

We have heard that doggie swimming pools might be coming to a new apartment community near you. Be sure and keep your eyes open for those. 

Also, be on the lookout for roof-top dog parks. They do exist, but probably only in a Downtown area that is highly congested. 

A Pet Relief Area 

So what exactly is a pet relief area? It’s a space reserved for dogs when you just can’t get outside. Maybe the weather is extremely cold or it’s raining. Usually you will only find these sorts of spaces up north where sometimes it’s really impossible to get outside. The alternative is that your pet relieves themselves on your carpet or on the couch. Neither space is a good alternative. These sorts of apts will charge you a little more, but it’s included in your rent. 

AMLI Downtown, in Austin, TX is one such apartment community that has these relief areas setup within the community.  

Don’t forget about your pets when your in the market for your next apartment home. There are many luxury complexes that now cater to your pet with a wide variety of additions. 


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