5 Amazing Color Scheme Ideas for Your New Kitchen

kitchen renovation color schemes

Did you know that the average upscale kitchen renovation can cost up to $80,000?

This is especially disheartening considering the unexpected costs that can pop up when renovating any room in a house.

Instead of breaking the bank for a renovation, why not opt for a change of scenery that is minimal in cost?

Changing the color scheme of the kitchen, especially the walls and cabinetry, is the home’s equivalent of a high-quality facelift.

Color has the effect of changing the feeling you get as soon as you walk into the room, and it only requires a small amount of planning at a fraction of the cost.

However, it can be hard to choose the best option from an array of kitchen color schemes. With each color having unique qualities that invoke different experiences, how do you pick?

Read on to learn how to determine what color scheme is right for you, as well as a few options to create your dream kitchen.

The Perfect Kitchen Color Schemes

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to color. Every room and home is different, with a particular layout and style.

Preferences also vary, and it is important to determine what hues you like or dislike before experimenting.

The first step is to consider what emotions you would like to experience as you enter your kitchen, as the color of the room will help put that into action.

Here are five options for kitchen color schemes for your home.

1. Blue

Blue is commonly used in kitchens because it’s a deeply calming yet positive effect on a room. Shades of light blue, sky blue, and baby blue can brighten and stimulate the room, without an overbearing effect.

Deep, moody blue can also provide an ideal contrast for white or light-colored cabinets without the harsh effect that black walls or cabinets can have.

2. Cream

Consider painting your walls or cabinets the dreamy color of cream. Its almost-white shade tends to open up the room and reflect light.

It’s simple yet classic appearance allows you to customize the room to your desires without fear that decorations or other features will clash.

3. Yellow

Soft yellow, in addition to bolder shades of amber, bring the summertime into your home.

Yellow hues can especially compliment lighter cabinets, and add an energizing effect to the room.

4. Green

Channel the color of the trees and garden in your kitchen with shades of green in your kitchen.

Green has a peaceful yet bold impact on the eyes, and especially compliments darker features in a kitchen.

5. Mixed

Last but not least, mixing several different complementary colors in the cabinetry of the kitchen, such as pastel shades, can have an incredibly mood-enhancing effect, as well as be visually pleasing.

While it may seem difficult to balance several paint hues, the effect is well worth it. Moreover, don’t be afraid to bring in experts when painting kitchen cabinets.

Change the Space, Change the Mood

Whether you recently bought a house or have lived in one for many years, it is never the wrong time to change the kitchen color scheme.

Inevitably, there comes a time for change and improvement. Painting the kitchen is the perfect option for anyone looking for an impactful and budget-friendly update.

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