What Is the Biggest Jackpot You Can Get in City Casinos?

Smart move

While it is hard to pin down which casino offers the largest jackpots, you can look at some of the biggest payouts in order to gauge where you might get that big payout. Of course, when you are looking for big wins, then Vegas comes up time and again. However, there are plenty of other winners dotted around the globe and a growing number of which are online, playing sites like Jackpot City New Zealand (where the jackpots are pretty sweet too).

$39.7 Million

That amount of money in unfathomable to most. However, a man of just 25-years-old from Los Angeles scooped it. One of the most brilliant things about the win is that he was just passing the time while waiting for a basketball game. Excalibur Online Cricket Betting ID was the location of the big win. Rather than take it all, he has a 1.5 million dollar payout per year for the 25 years following the win. Smart move. 

$11 million 

In 1996 a postal worker named John Tippin went on a vacation. He chose Las Vegas and hit the Megabucks. He went on some years later to publish a book that spoke about how he felt after his trip. After becoming a multimillionaire, he felt alone and paranoid that people only wanted to speak to him because of his money. Perhaps something to be learned about remaining anonymous. 

$8.9 million

Amy Nishimura won her jackpot while on holiday in Las Vegas (there is a theme here). She had a single machine that she played because it was her lucky machine. This machine is at the Freemont Hotel if you are curious. She played for 3 or so hours playing with under $100. And left with almost $9 million. 


The idea of winning any amount of millions is a bit like a dream come true. So imagine winning two big jackpots. Elmer Sherwin won 4.6 million on the Megabucks in the Mirage, only ten hours after it opened to the public. He spent the money well and traveled the world. He continued to play the slots, and then 16 years later, he won 21 million dollars on the same jackpot! He gave much of his fortune away to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. 

Online Progressive

Online casinos are always finding ways to improve their games and up the jackpot. Mega Moolah slot was won by a British man named Jon Heywood in 2015. It was a huge £13.2 million pounds. 

The Dark Knight, which has now been discontinued due to licensing issues, paid out $10.4 million AUS, the play remained anonymous. 

Another big win happened for Rawiri Pou, from Matamata. The KFC worker decided to take a spin on the Mega Moolah and ended up walking away with NZ$10 million. Initially, when he won, he said he wouldn’t be quitting his day job anytime soon.

£1.6 million

When you are looking at the other casino wins, this might not seem massive, but to the average person, £1.6 million is a decent win. However, this little win went to an English billionaire who owned Newcastle United at the time. He only had 15 minutes to play, and only played a single number. Turned out to be his lucky day. The Fifty London was the home of this scoop. 

Monte Carlo Casino Monaco

1 million Francs was won by Charles Wells in July of 1891. He became known as the man who broke the bank as he took out a loan to pay for 11 hours of play, and he broke the bank 12 times. The casino didn’t have enough chips to continue the game, and he won 20 out of 30 spins on the roulette wheel. 

The Killer from Atlantic City

Don Johnson won $15 million at three casinos in Atlantic City. He earned the name by scooping $4.23 million at the Caesar casino, $5 million at the Borgata, and after a 12-hour session at the Tropicana, he took $5.8 million. Each bet he places was $100,000. In order to do that, he asked the casino manager to introduce a rule that compensated the player 20% of their losses if they amounted to at least $500,000. 

$3.7 million

Recent retiree Beverly Whitten was playing Golden Champers for around two hours, and then her luck came in. She landed $3,718,311. Like another winner, she wasn’t comfortable with that amount of cash and had monthly installments of $1,945 per month. Not a bad way to retire! 

So it just goes to show you never know when your luck will come in. 


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