Get the Geekvape ZEUS X RTA


GeekVape reports new members of the Zeus series of excellent atomizers. You can expect modern design processing, premium flavors, efficient spiral electronic liquid supply or easy assembly of spiral and top airflow. The atomizer of the Geekvape ZEUS X RTA from vapeciga has a length of 47.8mm and a diameter of 25mm. It has a 510-type thread at the bottom to ensure compatibility with the various mods on the market. Because of its 25mm diameter, it is perfect for all mods and looks great due to its minimalist design. It comes in several colors. At the top, the atomizer is equipped with an ergonomic wide-mouth tube that can be comfortably held in mouth while also producing a large amount of vapour.

Inside the atomizer is a modern base that can be fitted with one or two spirals of your choice. There is a special space under the two spiral mounting posts to easily cut off the excess tip of the spiral. Installation has never been easier. The interior is also very interesting. It consists of two main parts. The exterior room is decorated with the Zeus logo and the interior provides a number of smaller holes that provide an effective air supply to the coil. The air is supplied perfectly and smoothly. Due to the dual chamber technology, the air flow is narrowed which makes the taste better. The atomizer can also fit more electronic liquids such as desserts or fruit cocktails.

The zeus dual rta atomizer also attracts a large number of tanks. You will love this ability when you travel or take an outdoor walk without time to refill. Thanks to the practical top fill function, if you need to refill with a simple action you can remove the top cap and add the required amount of electronic liquid. The top airflow system ensures an excellent vaping experience. The upper airflow eliminates the possibility of electronic liquid throughput through the lower airflow opening. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the leakage of electronic liquids. Due to the airflow control ring, air circulates more efficiently within the atomizer and it can produce a better flavor than other standard transparent atomizer. 

Beautifully processed

The manufacturer GeekVape is always proud of its perfect processing of all atomizers, so the same as Geekvape Zeus X RTA. You can look forward to a wide selection of colors and an expanded heat-resistant glass body. The atomizer has a diameter of 25mm. Thanks to its 510 thread at the bottom, it perfectly matches most of the mods.


Practical basis

The modern base makes it easy to install one or two spirals of your choice. There is a special space underneath the two posts for fixing the extra ends of the coil. Mounting on the pedestal is easier than ever. Beginners can also play.

Large tank volume

Thanks to the bulging heat-resistant glass body, the tank has a volume of 4.5 ml. There is also a spare glass tube with a volume of 3.5ml. When you have no time to refill, you will appreciate the large tank capacity when used outdoors.


Practical top airflow system

The airflow system is located on the top, eliminating the possibility of leakage of electronic liquid through the lower airflow opening. The decisive factor here is the arrangement of the airflow control device above the tank. This practical system also has an undisputed advantage in taste management. Placing the airflow at the top of the tank will better circulate inside the tank in order to give you a richer taste of the electronic liquid and a lot of delicious vapour.

Double interior

The inner cavity of the Zeus X consists of two main parts. The exterior chamber is decorated with the Zeus logo, and the interior chamber provides a series of smaller holes for efficient and smooth air flow to the coil. In addition, thanks to the dual-chamber technology, the air flow narrows and the taste will get better


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