Top 10 Most Expensive Cat Breeds for Feline Lovers

most expensive cat breeds

If you believe in the purrfect life, this one is for you. This article celebrates all things furry and unpredictable, much like your favorite feline. You can snuggle them, feed them, be annoyed at them, but can never ignore them. These cute balls of fur come in all shapes and sizes and well, price tags too. Some of the most expensive cat breeds in the world can fetch up to $15,000 – $100,000 depending on the pedigree. In fact, if you are looking for exotic animals for sale other than exotic cat breeds, you may be paying even more than that.

But before you go ahead and take a sneak peek at the listicle, here is a bunch of things you need to keep in mind before adopting a cat.

Having a pet is cute and all, but it also means a ton of responsibilities. So, if you are ready to adult the hard way, the experts here got you covered.

Things to Keep in Mind before Adopting a Cat

Here are the top five things you have to consider when planning to bring a cat home:

1. Financial and Emotional Investment

Adopting a pet demands a whole of financial and emotional investments. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), an indoor cat’s average lifespan can range between 13 to 17 years. Some even live up to the age of 20, given proper care. You need to be emotionally prepared to take care of your feline partner for almost two decades of your life. It also means 20 years of financial planning to give your cat the best of health care. listed down the spending by pet owners on an average. They found that pet owners splurged $29.7 billion on food for pets, $14.9 billion on rations and medicines, $16.6 billion on pet health care, $2 billion on pet purchases, and $6.1 billion on miscellaneous needs.

Besides, getting a cat can be costly. Some of the most expensive cat breeds can cost you anything between $1,000 and $20,000. Most importantly, you have to be ready to shelter him. Major changes such as shifting houses are believed to be stressful for felines.

2. Regular Visits to Vets

So, you live life in the fast lane. Be sure to squeeze out enough time for your feline’s regular date with the vet! Being a cat mother requires patience and dedication, which means sticking to a proper routine and diet. A cat can be susceptible to a plethora of diseases. It’s of utmost importance to take him to the vet regularly and get him vaccinated. The visits will be especially frequent in the first month, right after you have adopted the cat to check for diseases and first-stage vaccinations.

3. Knowing the Proper Diet

No, you cannot feed your cat what you eat. Every cat requires a different diet which is why it is essential to consult the vet to get one most suitable for your cat and her breed. Your choice of cat food will not only ensure longevity but also determine the quality of life you gift her. If you are choosing food off the shelf, be sure to read the label carefully and consult an expert. Not everything that comes labeled as feline food will be suitable for your cat. If you are preparing a diet at home, remember to keep away raw meat, eggs, and bones from the dish. It may lead to E. coli poisoning in cats.

It’s common knowledge that cats love milk. But, it may not be as good for your bundle of joy as you may think it is. Many felines are lactose intolerant and can get stomach ailments from drinking packaged milk. Also, remember to keep a fresh bowl of water to keep them hydrated.

4. Need for Litterbox

Like it said, adopting a cat demands a lot of time, care and money. If you want to avoid embarrassing in-the-room incidents, it is imperative to keep a litter box next to the bowl of water. Once, your feline friend gets used to the litterbox, there will be no turning back!

5. Making an Informed Choice

Cats do not bond easy. They will make you work for it, which makes them oh-so-precious. Different breeds have different characteristics: some are friendly, others intelligent and then some loves being pampered. Before getting a cat, read up on its traits to see which breed is more suitable for you. Ask a cat parent or join a support group for better hands-on knowledge. Once ready, head over to the pet store and stack up on some string balls to welcome the new family member.

Most Expensive Cat Breeds

Now that you have gone over the challenges of becoming a cat parent, you are ready for the list. Here is a round-up of some of the most expensive cat breeds in the world:

1. The British Shorthair

The British Shorthair is one of the most popular pedigree cats around the globe. This cuddly feline has a friendly personality and makes for adorable pets. He may take time to open up to the new owner, but once bonds will be a friend of a lifetime. As the name suggests, his short and dense coat makes it distinct from the other cats. The Shorthair’s dignified and intelligent demeanor make them great companions, although the females tend to be a bit more serious.

One of the best things about British Shorthair is its adaptability. Their laidback attitude renders them perfect for homes with dogs and children. But they are not lap animals and hate being mishandled. Although the most popular version of the Shorthair comes with a gorgeous blue coat, recent breeds also have coats of other colors.

Pocket Pinch: A British Shorthair kitten can cost you anything between $900-$1800 depending on the pedigree and coat. This makes it one of the most expensive cat breeds in the world.

The British Shorthair

 2. Ragdoll Cats

Known for their fluffy, silky semi-long coats, the Ragdoll Cats are amongst the most expensive cat breeds. These semi-muscular cats are loved for their piercing blue eyes and adaptable nature. If you are looking for a cuddly feline, the Ragdoll Cats will make you go gaga with admiration. His friendly nature makes him popular with children and even dogs. The Ragdoll will affectionately follow you around, play fetch and snuggle up while you are resting. You can even train them to walk on a leash.

These big babies can weigh up to 20 pounds, so be sure to hold them with both hands for proper support. The Ragdoll Cats boast four fur patterns- van, mitted, bicolor and colorpoint and come in six colors, blue, lilac, seal, chocolate, cream, and red or orange. The Red and Orange ones are more popularly referred to as Flame Point Ragdolls.

Pocket Pinch: The most purebred ragdoll kittens can fetch up to $800 and $1300.

Ragdoll Cats

3. American Curl

Unique, cute and faithful, the American Curl can be easily distinguished for their curled back ears. Incidentally, Americal Curl kittens are not born with curled ears. Their ears start curling once they turn 3-weeks old.

This medium-sized feline can weigh between 5-10 pounds and never grows out of his kitten habits. The ‘Peter Pan’ among cat breeds, the American Curl loves to play fetch even at old-age. They like nestling to your lap and are really attentive, like a dog. You may find them perched on high spots but they are sociable and will listen to you. This family-oriented feline is well-mannered and is a great fit for older pet cats and dogs. However, the Curl does not like being left alone. So, if you are one to travel frequently without anyone at home, it’s better to opt for another breed.

Pocket Pinch: The most purebred American Curls can cost you anything from $1000-$2000, listing them as one of the most expensive cat breeds.

American Curl

4. Scottish Fold

Cute and owl-like, the Scottish Fold ranks among the most expensive cat breeds owing to their folded ears. A resultant of spontaneous genetic mutation, the Scottish Fold is recognised by its folded ears and curious nature. Taylor Swift’s pet feline, Olivia Benson is a Scottish Fold and is amongst the most popular in the world for her rockstar mom.

Scottish Folds are known for being dexterous, so you might often find them inspecting a cabinet or tabletop. They like following their humans around. If you have an aquarium at home, expect the Scottish Fold to splash the water out with her paws. Challenge her with a food puzzle and reward her skills with treats.

Pocket Pinch:  Purebred Scottish Fold kittens can cost you anything between $1000 and $2000.

Scottish Fold

5. Siberian Forest

If you are a lover of all things cuddly and playful, the Siberian Forest Cat will be your favourite pal. This fluffy feline adored for its playful nature adapts instantaneously to new environments. True to its name, the Siberian Forest has its origin in Russia and is an excellent hunter. They are also good climbers with athletic bodies, so beware of midnight cabinet crawls! This intelligent breed loves to be engaged in fun games, so adopt one if you are ready to play. The adventurous cat has expressive eyes and double coat fur, to keep them warm

Pocket Pinch: A well-bred Siberian kitten can easily fetch $1300 – $1600.

Siberian Forest

6. Sphynx

Remember Mrs. Whiskerson, the hairless cat which reminded Rachel of her childhood pet? Well, Mrs. Whiskerson was a Sphynx cat and is one of the most expensive cat breeds in the world. This rare breed does not have a fur coat due to genetic mutation but steals the thunder with its piercing exotic gaze. Contrary to popular belief led by the wrinkly face, the Sphynx is mild-mannered and loves socialising. They make for excellent show-cats and woos the audience with their charming intellect. Since the Sphynx lacks fur, it is advisable to bathe him regularly to wash off the body oil.

Pocket Pinch: Getting a Sphynx can cost you from $900 to $1900, depending on the pedigree.


7. Persian Cat

One of the most popular pedigree cats, the Persian is a show-stopper. This high-maintenance feline loves to cuddle and make for excellent lap cats. Their long, flowy coat is just as gorgeous as it is high-maintenance. Snowbell from Stuart Little was a pearl white Persian who was extremely fond of his family members.

The Persian adapts well to relaxed environments and usually steers clear of loud places. They love to pose on the couch and show appreciation by nestling up to you.

Pocket Pinch: A purebred Persian kitten can cost you from $1800 to $3000.

Persian Cat

8. Maine Coon

The big official feline of Maine, the Maine Coon is a pet lover’s delight. He is curious but not too demanding and enjoys cuddling. You can teach him to walk on a leash and play fetch, making him a great companion for lonely evenings. The Maine Coon has a broad, muscular structure and long flowy coat, lending it a majestic look.

Pocket Pinch: The highly domesticated Maine Coon with healthier hair can fetch from $1000-S3000.

Maine Coon

9. Bengal

The highly-intelligent feline is one of the most sought after pets owing to its majestic leopard-like appearance. The athletic pet has a gentle temperament and is highly affectionate. You will have a gala time teaching them tricks, much like dogs! They can learn to ‘sit’, ‘fetch’, ‘high five’ and ‘lie down’ on demand. Their wild heredity makes them excellent hunters, so don’t be alarmed if you see him catching mice with passion.

Pocket Pinch: Purebred Bengals are luxury pets and can cost you anything from $1500 to $5000.


10. Ashera

The exotic Ashera currently ranks first amongst the most expensive cat breeds. A hybrid of the wild African Serval and Asian Leopard along with a strain of a domesticated cat, the Ashera is an extremely affectionate cat with high intelligence. The grand feline stands four-feet tall and can learn to walk on a leash. He is extremely vocal and loves to climb. Be careful of the new curtains!

Similar to the Savannah, yet another exotic cat breed, the Ashera is a great hunter and highly inquisitive. Los Angeles based pet store ‘Lifestyle Pets’ names the Ashera as one of the largest, rarest and most exotic domestic cat breeds of the world.

Pocket Pinch: Lifestyle Pets sell less than 100 Ashera cats a year for a whopping $22,000. The price for a hypoallergenic kitten can even go up to $125,000.


Final thoughts

These felines may wreak havoc on your bank balance but will make for wonderful companions. Now that you know all about cats, hurry up and head over to the pet store and welcome home a fuzzy feline.


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