Want to Take Inexpensive Vacations? 5 Budgeting Ideas During Your Travels

Want to Take Inexpensive Vacations? 5 Budgeting Ideas During Your Travels

According to a recent LearnVest survey, 74 percent of people said they went into debt to pay for a vacation. Between the transportation costs, the accommodations, and other expenses, it can get expensive to travel.

But there are many inexpensive vacations that you can enjoy without worrying about blowing your budget. All you need to do is be flexible and think outside the box.

Are you planning a vacation soon? If so, take a look at our top five ways to save money on your trip.

Inexpensive Vacations in Your Region

When most people plan their vacation, they want to go to a faraway destination. But if you’re trying to save money, there are many affordable vacations you can take closer to home.

Learn to become a tourist in your region and explore areas you’ve never seen before.

Visit your local state park or do a tour of historical sites in your city. Not only will you save money on travel costs, but you also might discover a newfound love for your home city.

Travel in a Group

If you travel in a group, you can split the travel and accommodation costs.

And if you have enough people in your group, you can even rent transportation. This way, you’re saving big when it comes to gas expenses.

For instance, San Diego is a popular vacation destination with plenty to see and do in the area. If you’re planning on visiting, book a motor coach bus rental for your group.

Travel Off-Season

Summer is one of the busiest times to travel, meaning that ticket prices and hotel rates go way up. But summer isn’t the only time of the year to avoid travel.

When planning budget vacations for your family, make sure to avoid the busiest travel days of the year. If you’re flexible with your travel times, pushing back your departure date could stretch your dollar further.

Visit a National Park

Looking for 3 day vacation ideas? If so, consider taking a vacation to a national park near you and soaking up the best that nature has to offer.

Many national parks also have camping accommodations that you can enjoy. Camping is a cheaper alternative to booking a hotel. It’s almost as good as scoring free vacations.

If you go in the off-season, the camping rates and entrance fees for national or state parks are usually lower.

Book Last-Minute Cruises

Cruise lines often offer great discounts for last-minute bookings. This way, they can fill any empty cabins on board before the trip. As an added bonus, you can sometimes snag-free upgrades this way.

But if your travel dates are set in stone, consider booking early instead. You can save big if you book over a year in advance.

Ready to Book Your Trip?

It is possible to plan inexpensive vacations that you and your family will love if you use these tips.

Plan a budget for your trip and think outside the box. If you’re flexible, change your travel dates to save even more.

Looking for more travel advice before the trip? Check out the rest of our website for more travel and lifestyle tips and inspiration.


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