CBD Oil: How Much Can You Vape?

5 Benefits of CBD Oil

Vaping is quickly becoming a popular way of consuming CBD oil. With vaping, you have a method that comes with a high level of absorption rate—also known as bioavailability. Plus, the onset of effects is quick. This makes CBD vaping a popular method of taking CBD—especially those who are looking for instant effects.

There are two main methods of vaping oil. They include:

  • E-liquids—this is also known as vape juice
  • Concentrates—this includes shatter, wax, and scrumble

Things to Consider

When vaping, consider the following factors:

  • Your health—don’t vape CBD if it damages your health
  • Personal preferences—choosing a vaping method that explicitly fits into your style and preferences
  • Dosage—follow the right dosage when vaping your CBD oil

The Basics

Want more information regarding vaping and CBD? Well, keep reading!

CBD doesn’t have a pre-defined dosage. The amount that works for the body differs from one person to another. The only way to ascertain your dosage is to start low. From here you can increase the dosage slowly until you get the desired effects.

The Steps You Need

  • Start with a small dosage
  • Increase it gradually over a given period of time
  • Monitor the effects on your body
  • Also, monitor the side effects like drowsiness
  • This will give you the ideal dosage for your body.

Working Backwards

You can also work backward to arrive at the exact dosage for your body. Working backswords will help you arrive at your ideal CBD dosage in terms of millimeters. Here is how it works:


Read the number of millimeters in your vape juice bottle. Normally, they are labeled between 10 and 30 millimeters. From here, check the amount of CBD contained in that container. Usually, the amount is in milligrams (mg). These two figures will help you ascertain the amount of CBD—including the cartilages and tanks.

Assume that one cartilage measures 1 millimeter. Also, assume that your vape juice (i.e. 30-milliliter bottle) contains about 100mg of CBD. Using mathematics, divide the amount of CBD by the capacity of your bottle. In this case, it will be:

  • 1000/30 = 33.3

This shows that there are 33mg of CBD per one milliliter.


Bioequivalence—which is a popular way of ascertaining the amount of CBD by beginners—involves looking at the labeling to ascertain the amount in each buff. So, look at the information on the CBD packaging bottle. It contains the amount in each buff. Then start by talking one buff. From here, increase it gradually as you monitor the effects on your body. Keep increasing until you feel the effects you want.

Key Takeaway

Start slow. Be patient. Increase the dosage gradually till you arrive at your ideal CBD dosage. Also, be warry of side effects like mild drowsiness—especially if you are new to CBD.

The Bottom-Line

CBD oil is making headlines—creating shockwaves in the health sector. Many people are turning to CBD oil—especially when it comes to pain management. But, is CBD effects? How long does it take to be effective? The above information answers some of these questions. From dosage to the amount of CBD to take—this information will help you vape in style.


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