The Best Bathroom Accessories for a Perfect Bathtime

The Best Bathroom Accessories for a Perfect Bathtime

There is nothing quite so relaxing as sinking down into your bathtub for a relaxing warm water soak. It’s your quiet time to decompress and escape from the world.

Some suggest there are scientific benefits to a nice soak in the tub.

Remember bath time as a kid, when you got to sit in the tub. Play with all your bath toys. It was equally relaxing and fun at the age of five.

Why not turn your bathtime into a true experience. Load up your bathroom with this list of best bathroom accessories. Bathtime will become the best part of your day.

Read on to learn how you can make your bath a true luxury experience.

Bubbles and Bath Salts

Let’s face it, any good bath starts with bubbles. With so many scents on the market, choose one that relaxes you and takes away your stressors.

Consider choosing a lavender scent which is beneficial for relaxation, reducing stress and anxiety and promoting sleep.

Bath salts are another great bath choice. They help to clean pores, removes toxins from your skin. They come scented too for the extra element of relaxation.

Bathtub Bath Caddy

This will be your bathtime best friend. Bath caddies come made from many materials. Think of your bath caddy like a little serving tray for your bath.

But even better, they are customized for bath time. They can hold your book and candle. They can hold your phone, although why bring your phone to the tub?

Most bath caddies are adjustable so they stretch across the width of your bathtub.

Aromatherapy and Candles

Nothing says bath time luxury like lining the bathtub with candles. Turn down the bathroom lights and bath by candlelight.

If you are a regular bath person to relieve some aches and pains, consider aromatherapy options as part of your bath routine. Consider adding kratom for pain relief to your bath time ritual.

Bath Speaker

Add to your relaxation time with some soft music. Consider adding a waterproof speaker to your bathroom. Then use your phone and a Bluetooth connection to play your favorite relaxation playlist.

You might also get hooked on a new novel by using the speaker to listen to that novel you never have time to sit down and read.

Soft Towels

You have a relaxing soak in the tub. Continue to the luxury by climbing out into a soft bath towel. Consider buying an extra-large bath sheet that really wraps you in comfort post bathtime.

With so many towels to choose from, how do you find the best towel? Choose one made of natural fibers with high absorbency rates.

Bathrobe and Slippers

Once you are all dry. Why bother with clothes. Keep your big terry cloth bathrobe ready for post bathtime comfort. Wrap yourself in the robe and add some slippers. All the stressors of your day will stay away.

Bathtime Rituals With The Best Bathroom Accessories

Bathtime is surely going to turn into your favorite time of day. With all this list of best bathroom accessories, bathtime will be your luxury time.

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