I Am 16 Weeks Pregnant, What is My Baby Doing?

I Am 16 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy is a cherished time in a woman’s life. Time when she loves herself so much as she is taking baby steps towards being a Mommie. A would-be mother is constantly smiling to think of the little one inside her belly. She has lots of questions. At sixteen weeks of pregnancy most of the pertinent ones find an answer as you visit your practitioner. You are over with the nagging phase of morning sickness and are now able to satiate those specific and typical food cravings without discomfort, and who knows the baby might be relishing the special food because at sixteen weeks he has his taste buds developing. At this time of your pregnancy you can also choose to know the gender of your baby. The happiness and joy begins to reflect in the radiance on your face.

Typical of a first timer would-be mothers often also crave to know just how is the little one spending his time within the warm environs of his mothers tummy. Well, at sixteen weeks, its about time you start a conversation with your little bundle of joy, because he has developed tiny bones in his ears that are now letting him hear you and get familiar with your voice. You can start practicing your lullabies and talk to the tiny wonder about all you have been wanting him to know all this while. He is making a lot of efforts growing. He by now is the size of an average avocado, weighs as much as three and a half pounds and is about four and a half inches long. His head is more upright now and his scalp is beginning to form. It will still take time for the hair to grow on the scalp though his eyebrows and his eyelashes have started to fill in. His legs are stronger and he is growing tiny toenails. He also has his heart working overtime by now pumping as much as twenty five quarts of blood each day. This is what your baby is doing inside you. He is making all efforts to grow fast to be able to cuddle up in your arms. If you are a smoker, you should stop smoking from this point of your pregnancy since smoking will cause some major impacts to your fetus.

Many pregnant ladies also experience a strange fluttery feeling in their abdomen from time to time at around this time. This is referred to as “Quickening” and is actually due to the little one moving around in the womb inside. These perceptions normally can be felt in the eighteenth to nineteenth week but some ladies have their eager babies tapping on the uterine walls a little earlier.

Sixteen weeks is about time you break ice and start a conversation with your little wonder. He has worked towards being able to hear you now. Wish you a happy motherhood and an engaging conversation!

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