Legal Bud For Sale: 6 Burning Questions About Buying Weed, Answered

Legal Bud For Sale: 6 Burning Questions About Buying Weed, Answered

15% of Colorado tourists participated in marijuana activities. On top of that, 5% said they traveled to Colorado specifically for the legal bud for sale.

But there are a lot of questions people have about buying marijuana where it’s legal. Like what if I have an out-of-state ID? Where can I smoke once I have it? Can I buy weed online?

With weed tourism on the rise, we have answers to your burning questions.

How Much Weed Can I Buy?

In Colorado, an adult can legally possess one ounce (28 grams) of marijuana or THC. That means each Colorado dispensary can sell up to 28 grams of THC. This includes not only the bud to burn, but chocolates, juices, and other concentrates.

Your dispensary worker is your marijuana barback. They’ll have answers to all your questions. They’ll have advice and experience about different strains, potencies, candies, and chocolates.

So ask away! They’re happy to help you get the best high.

Can I Get Weed Shipped?

Shipped? We’ll talk about that more in the next section?

Delivered? Absolutely: Many dispensaries offer a delivery service, usually through another courier.

The couriers deliver it straight to your door. Check out services like Eaze, Weedmaps, or Nugg.

However, this is different from getting weed shipped. There are online dispensaries across the U.S. and Canada that will deliver weed to places where it’s legal.

While it may be possible to find a service willing to ship marijuana out of state, this is still illegal.

Under federal law, shipping weed out of state is considered drug trafficking. Drug trafficking is a felony under federal law. So any company agreeing to this isn’t likely to be legitimate.

It may seem safer than buying weed off the street. But you should always avoid companies willing to ship where weed isn’t legal.

Can I Buy Recreational Weed Online?

Absolutely! There are online dispensaries across Canada and the U.S. that will ship to areas where weed is legal.

You can buy edibles, candies, and chocolates, concentrates, juices and anything THC infused. This makes it easier for medical marijuana patients who can’t get to their dispensary. It’s helpful for people who live in a legal state but in an area far away from a dispensary.

The packaging is also discreet if you want to keep your weed use on the down-low. The packaging is child-resistant to keep it safe from kids and pets.

When you buy weed online in the U.S., be aware you’ll need to use an e-transfer. So when you see a site asking for an e-transfer instead of a credit card, this is normal. Banks and cards in the U.S. still don’t respect weed as a safe and viable purchase.

To make an e-transfer, you need to log in to your mobile banking app and use the send money feature.

But take your time to pick out our online dispensary. You want a dispensary that offers the products you’re searching for.

But you may want to consider one with a rewards program as well! That way you can earn rewards just for buying weed.

Want to know more about using an online dispensary? You can learn more here.

How Old Do You Have to be to Buy Weed?

In states where marijuana is legal, you have to be over the age of 21. Generally, marijuana laws follow alcohol laws where it’s legalized.

That means don’t smoke in public. Don’t wander around intoxicated.

And especially don’t drive while intoxicated. You can get a DUI, but even worse you could cause a serious accident.

Car accidents have risen in frequency where Cannabis is legal. The rise showed up after pot was legalized.

Driving high is as dangerous as driving drunk. These wrecks can be fatal.

Keep in mind that edibles can take a while to hit. You may not feel anything from one to three hours.

Each person has different levels of tolerance so never drive after eating an edible. You don’t know when the high will hit, and often they’re very potent highs.

Do I Have to Be a Resident to Buy Legal Weed?

You do not have to be a resident to buy legal weed. The laws state that an individual (not a resident) over the age of 21 can possess and use marijuana.

And since marijuana tourism is such a big industry, you won’t even get a sideways look from your budtender. It’s usually the opposite!

Since you’re out of state, your budtender knows you’re most likely here to explore and drop a lot of money on weed. While it’s not required, don’t forget to tip your budtender! They appreciate it.

Where Can I Smoke?

Despite being legalized in many states, finding a place where it’s legal to smoke can be difficult. Furthermore, legal locations vary from state to state.

Generally, you can smoke on private property. Some hotels cater to marijuana tourism and are pot-friendly – ask about their smoking policy.

What if you don’t have friends or family with private property to smoke at? You can generally smoke outside out of sight and smell of the public.

Legal in Colorado Doesn’t Mean the Other States are Okay With It

Keep in mind that because marijuana is legal in one state doesn’t make it legal (or even tolerated) in another. For example, Texas still has some of the strictest marijuana laws.

In Texas, possession of any amount of usable marijuana is an arrestable offense. If you have concentrated THC, like a chocolate bar, you’re in even bigger trouble.

A single THC infused chocolate bar is a felony in Texas.

So many people are being arrested coming back from Colorado that an entire industry has come out of it. Billboards frame US 287 (the primary road south of Colorado through Texas) and advertise for lawyers that specialize in marijuana offenses.

So enjoy weed where it’s legal. But keep in mind that taking it out of state (or even on federal land like the forest service) can land you in big trouble.

Where There’s Legal Bud for Sale, Always Follow the Laws

Now you have answers for your most burning questions about legal bud for sale. Remember to always respect the laws where you’re currently located. Enjoy your weed safely.

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