Top 10 Advices for the Perfect Wedding


Weddings are no easy feat to plan. Your wedding may be the happiest day of your life, but the months leading up to it can be stressful and exhausting. With the rise in Muslim singles dating, comes an increase in the number of weddings happening. And that means more stressful wedding planning.

If your special day is coming up soon, we know the joy and terror that comes with it. To make planning a wedding easier, we’ve listed down the top 10 pieces of advice that you should follow!

1. Start Planning Early

 This is the key to avoid those last-minute breakdowns. The earlier you start planning your wedding, the less stressed out you’ll be close to the big day. The first step is to sit down with your partner and make a plan. Decide the date and start looking for venues.

2. Budget, Budget, Budget!

 We cannot stress enough on the importance of budgeting. After choosing a wedding party, a budget should always be next. We know that everyone wants their wedding to be a perfect event. But, when it comes to the budget, you must be realistic. Check how much money you and your partner have saved up. Of course, don’t spend it all at the wedding. Save some money for the future as well.

3. Check Other Sources of Finance

 See if parents are willing to chip in. If they are, confirm how much they’ll give you instead of assuming so yourself. Sometimes credit card reward programs also provide great shopping deals that can be taken advantage of. Just ensure that all credit avenues are checked. Once they are, finalize a realistic budget and stick to it!

4. Say Bye to Those Free Dating Websites

Dating websites are a great way to meet people when you’re single. If your special day is coming up soon though, it’s best to say good-bye to these websites. After meeting someone, most people tend to forget that they still have accounts on the sites. However, these accounts remain active until they’re deleted. So, it’s a good idea to remove your accounts before your partner finds them and gets the wrong impression.

5. Choose Your Wedding Party

These are people that will help most in planning the wedding. Mainly, they’ll be by your side throughout. They can be your siblings, your best friends, or even distant relatives. What’s important is that you trust them. The quicker they’re chosen, the easier the planning process will be.

6. Find the Venue You Love

 There’s no such thing as one perfect wedding venue. A venue is perfect if you love it. Hence, choosing the right place is very important. And sometimes you’ll have to decide the date of your wedding according to the venue’s availability. So, it’s best to start visiting venues as soon as you know your budget.

7. Don’t Invite Everyone

 Keep your guest list short. Some annoying guests can ruin a wedding experience for the bride and groom. Think about it. Do you want to invite that mean distant aunt just because she’s related to you? Or how about that cousin you know will get into a fight? We advise inviting only people that you actually want at the wedding.

8. Be Realistic about Your Number of Guests

Not everyone’s going to RSVP yes to the wedding. It’s a realistic idea to guess that approximately 10 to 15% of people will not show up. Sometimes even guests who RSVP yes don’t end up attending. So don’t plan the wedding according to the number of guests invited!

9. Get a Good Photographer

A wedding could go perfectly, but without photos to remember the day, a bride and groom will be unhappy. This is why getting a good photographer is vital for a perfect wedding. We recommend you start searching for a professional as fast as you can. After all, the good ones get booked fast!

10. Have fun!

This is the most crucial piece of advice we have for you. No matter how much you plan, things can still go wrong. Even if they do, it’s important to remember that your wedding is about you! Remember to have fun and don’t stress over small things.

Wedding planning can be chaotic when it doesn’t need to be. Taking small steps, such as following these pieces of advice, can make the process much easier. Couples often break down under the stress of planning a wedding. Take into account these ten tips, and you won’t be one of those couples.



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