Simple Hacks to Make Caring for a Toddler Easier

Simple Hacks to Make Caring for a Toddler Easier

Being a parent is the most beautiful feeling in the whole wide world and parenting the most responsible task. Parenting is undoubtedly one of the toughest jobs initially, packed with a mix of joy and sorrow—a complete roller coaster ride.

Most parents dread the part where their children are toddlers and in their growing years. Eventually, they learn, but it is not an easy road to take. However, there are certain things you can do to make it a happy journey towards a fulfilling experience of parenthood, especially during the toddler years…


It is now a generation; where a baby is born with super technological intelligence and it takes them no time to get comfortable with the various screens, whether it be television, smartphones or iPads. As much as you feel relieved that your toddler is occupied and you have some me time, it is essential, you limit the screen time for your child. Also, make sure of the content they are watching and the kind of digital games that holds their interest. It’s never too late to rectify a situation gone wrong.


A toddler will need more attention and more coverage for their clothes during their mealtime than an infant, as they are good with just a bib. Since toddlers tend to create more mess with food, it is ideal to slip a large t-shirt over their clothes as a washable smock. You’ll thank the t-shirt later!

Pro Tip: Gradually teach them to eat well without making a mess. Be patient with your toddler and above all, try to make it a fun and learning activity.

Food Habits

Toddlers need enough nutrition to keep their energy levels throughout the day, especially because they are growing up. Toddlers pick up on junk food very easily and it is important to keep them away from munching on junk food, especially chips, wafers and other packaged items. This being said, if you resonate with inculcating healthy eating habits in your tot and planning to purchase baby food, there are great options available online. One of the best and mothers online portals to buy baby food is BritSuperstore.

Food Habits

If your toddler gets cranky and demands being carried even for short distances, you need to get smarter than their demands. If you were to rely on a few tried and tested methods, one of them is to pretend that your kid needs to push you up the street. You will be amazed by how much fun both of you will have doing it. Also, both of you get to learn something from it—as your child learns to depend on self, you learn to be more patient.

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Dining Out

If you are not leaving your toddler behind and dining out, make sure you carry their favourite soft toy or a pop-out book to keep them entertained. Alternatively, you can also make it a fun and relaxed dining etiquette session for your baby.

Engaging in Chores

Engage your toddler in day to day chores. Start with giving them a microfiber cloth and let them get down to business by cleaning small surfaces. The chore practice might not lead to a perfect result, but it will inevitably lead to your child to grow into a responsible individual.

Potty Training

Your child is growing up and it’s time for them to begin potty training? You can make it easier for them by keeping a box of pop-up tissue rather than a toilet roll. It will be easier for them to learn it on their own, rather than being dependent on you.

Keeping Demands in Check

Toddlers have a habit of demanding now and then. Some of them are easy to fulfil and some, not so much, however, it is crucial to keep their demands in check and help them understand the value of being patient. Also, there is something fun that you can try and make your kid happy. Whenever they get too demanding, simply click a picture of what they want and get a printout. Next, make a wish box for Santa and keep placing the images in the box. It will not only make your child happy, but it will also strengthen your bond with them as a friend.

The Organiser

As your toddler grows, help them learn how to organise their toys and keep their room tidy. You can start with asking them to help you while organising their toys back in their room or tidying up after they have created a mess. You can also make a DIY storage box with cardboard boxes and make a beautiful storage space for your kids to organise things back after they have had their share of fun playing with their toys.

Final Thoughts

It is important for parents to understand, a child learns by not what you say but what you do. Toddlers especially are the world’s best mimickers. All you need is patience and smart hacks to help your child grow and learn. Keep it fun, keep it simple and most important, it is necessary for you to help them understand right from wrong in a gentle manner. Be their best friend and their first mentor. Last but not least, don’t panic when things don’t go right; patience is the key to handle toddlers during the years of blooming.


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