The Best Product Investments for Every Room of the Home

The Best Product Investments for Every Room of the Home

Every homeowner understands the need for enhancing the value of their properties. Likewise, even renters and tenants value the ability to improve the quality of life within the home and make it a more livable and enjoyable space. Each room of the home provides unique function, aesthetic potential and charm – all of which can be improved with a variety of purchases and investments.

The internet is filled with top-notch product reviews for home appliances, décor and projects. Solutions such as pride themselves on sifting through hundreds of product options and providing detailed assessments of what homeowners can expect out of various home-related solutions. Needless to say, there is much to consider when procuring new investments for the home.

However, most people are limited by income, time and space, so we’ll be looking today at the best single investment you can procure for each room of the home, based on its ability to improve ambiance, functionality and/or quality of life.

Bedroom – Ambient Lighting

All too often, homes are constructed with minimal consideration for lighting. The types of lighting from room to room often differ very little, leading to inferior outcomes in a variety of situations. In no place is this truer than in the bedroom, where harsh and direct light can ruin the purpose of the room.

As such, investing in a couple of floor lamps and table lighting is highly recommended. Likewise, light-blocking curtains that reflect excess heat from the outside during the summer months and/or curtains that diffuse the harshness of outdoor light will lead to better sleep and a more naturally relaxing environment when enjoying your bedroom space.

Living Room – Hardwood Floors

By definition, the living room should be the area where the most activity in the home occurs. As such, it can often suffer from spills, drops and others forms of stains and damage that reduce its appeal and beauty. Carpeted living rooms may be more comfortable, but they can also lower the value of the home, require more maintenance and even carry allergens and pests.

Hardwood floors are an essential investment for the living room, due to their appeal, longevity and resistance to dirt and stains. A variety of hardwoodfloor options exist, including laminate, solid hardwood, engineered hardwood and other materials such as cork and bamboo.

Bathroom – Low-Flow Faucets & Heads

As environmental issues continue to become a greater concern, renovating the home to account for these challenges is more pressing than ever. Likewise, who doesn’t love to save money whenever possible? In the bathroom, the biggest cost-saving measure homeowners can take is installing low-flow faucets, toilets and shower heads.

By reducing water consumption in the bathroom by as much as 70% when compared to older fixtures, these investments will pay for themselves easily over time. Toilets tend to provide the greatest reduction in water usage, followed by shower heads (which incorporate air pressure in many cases as a substitute) and then faucets, so invest accordingly.

Kitchen – Instant Pot

The need for a variety of kitchen appliances and furnishings is obvious, but increasingly, people are tossing out many of their traditional gadgets for an awesome, all-in-one solution. The Instant Pot provides several unique functions in one easy-to-use device: from being a crockpot and pressure cooker to serving as a vessel that can bake cakes, create yogurt and even cook rice, this compact solution saves money, electricity and kitchen space.

A variety of Instant Pot options and alternatives exist, including the original Instant Pot. This investment will cost anywhere between $50 and $250, depending on the brand, size and overall functionality.

Attic – New Insulation

Energy efficiency is increasingly important: as energy prices continue to increase and energy supply globally continues to dwindle, making the most with less is vital. Given that one-third or more of all the heating and cooling in the home escapes through the roof, the attic poses a unique challenge. In terms of saving money and improving the feel of the home, new insulation in the attic is by far the best investment.

Even in homes where insulation currently exists, it may be older and/or less efficient. Replacing this with a thicker and more efficient form of insulation can save hundreds of dollars on energy costs every single year: definitely a sound investment for this room of the home.

Walk-in Closet – Shelving

Those big, spacious walk-in closets have become a staple in newer home construction, but they often leave much to be desired. While extra space for hanging clothes may be nice, a ton of room along the walls often goes unused. As such, adding shelving to any existing walk-in closet is the prime investment to ensure maximum utility from this room in the home.

Many walk-in closet systems can be found online, offering a unique array of benefits. Shelving – whether it be open shelves, framed shelving or closed shelves – exponentially increases space and helps improve organization dramatically.

Improving the look, feel, utility and/or value of the home room-by-room can be done, even just by adding one new fixture or change to the dynamic. We hope that these six recommendations can help inspire you to improve your living areas and get more out of every day inside your home.


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