Great ways to improve your smile

Great ways to improve your smile

Everybody values a beautiful smile. Seeing somebody else’s can brighten your day. Having one of your own can make a big difference to the way you’re treated. If your teeth don’t look as good as you’d like them to, what can you do to set things right?

Visit your dentist regularly

The single most important thing you can do to care for your teeth, beyond basic brushing and flossing, is to visit your dentist regularly. This means at least twice a year for most people, though you may need more frequent treatment if there are problems with your gum health. Your dentist can then catch any tooth decay early, before it does serious damage. Twice yearly visits to a dental hygienist will further improve your health and keep your smile looking as good as possible.

Replace lost teeth

If you have missing or badly broken teeth, you don’t have to choose between uncomfortable dentures and being left with a gap. A dental implant, which is simple to fit, looks and feels as good as the original and is an amazing way to restore your confidence. You’ll be able to eat what you like and even kiss people without them noticing. Implants like this can replace single teeth or entire rows and can be color-matched to look good with your natural teeth.

Wear braces

If you still have all your teeth but some of them are crooked, it’s never too late to wear braces. Although we associate them with high school kids they can work just as well on adults. If you feel awkward about people seeing them, you may have the option of wearing one only at home or only at night. There’s also the possibility of wearing transparent plastic braces which don’t stand out like the wire ones.

Veneers and bonding

If your teeth are still pretty solid and serve you well enough for eating but have surface damage that can’t just be scrubbed or bleached away, bonding or veneers may be the solution. Bonding involves applying material directly onto your teeth like a varnish, while veneers sit over the teeth like thin shells. Both methods can be color-matched, so they look natural even if not all your teeth are treated, and they restore a healthy looking shine.

Avoid stains

Whether your teeth are natural or artificial, and no matter how good you are about brushing and dental treatment, there are some things that will always make them look worse. If you smoke, you’ll inevitably experience some yellowing as a result, so think seriously about giving up. Drinks containing tannins, like coffee, tea and red wine, also tend to stain teeth, so it’s a good idea to limit your consumption. Every time you drink fresh water it will rinse your teeth and help to clean them.

If you look after it, your smile will last throughout your life, continuing to charm people even after your youthful beauty has faded. Caring for your teeth is always worth the effort.


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