Everything You Need to Know About Tempo Training

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Tempo training or tempo running is a phrase you will find being tossed around fairly often among runners who train at a gym near you, but maybe not that commonly among the people who are, let’s say, new to the world of fitness. And if you are one of them, then there is good news for you because you are exactly at the right place here,since we would be discussing everything that needs to be discussed about tempo training.

What is Tempo Training

Tempo training is a type of training method that is aimed at building your ‘speed endurance’ which by essence means that this type of training improves your ability to hold a challenging pace over a long period of time. You will end up feeling fitter and stronger after each tempo workouts because it is designed in a way that makes sure that you are running at an effort that feels stronger.Its popularity has increased so much in recent years that almost all of the biggest gyms in Kolkata offer tempo training to fitness freaks.

Types of Tempo Workout

Based on the effort one puts up, tempo workout can be classified into three major zones. They are as follows:

Yellow Zone

The easiest level of a tempo workout, the yellow zone allows you to have a conversation with someone without forcing you to stop for catching your breath. The yellow zone includes long runs, easy runs and recovery runs. It is not stressful for your body and because of its lowintensity; it allows you to run for a long time, which improves your fat-burning enzymes.

Orange Zone

The orange zone is a moderately challenging effort since you will be outside your comfort zone, yet you will not run all-out. To put it into context, you will still be able to hold a conversation, but you will find yourself using only small, short statements while gasping for air after almost every word.This is a step up from the yellow zone that acts as a preparation stage for the upcoming red zone. The personal trainers of the most renowned multi gyms in Kolkata claim that this is the optimum level of tempo training.

Red Zone

The most challenging tempo workout zone, in this stage you can’t even think of speaking because all you are concerned about is to finish the workout. In this zone, you will find yourself getting engaged in hill repeats and high-intensity workouts, among others.After getting trained in this zone, not only your fitness will improve, but you will also see that your metabolism is getting a boost even hours after your workout.

Benefits of Tempo Training

All the different styles of tempo training such as intervals and tempo runs have beneficiary elements attached to them, which you can availby enrolling yourself in any gym in Kolkata, for example, the Starmark Fitness Studio, located at 85, Prince Anwar Shah Road, 1st Floor, City High Building. You can also have a phone conversation with its personal trainers at 9831130003/ (033) 40011 213to get their point-of-view on this training method. Still, for your benefit, we are listing some of the most prominent benefits of tempo training:

Mental Motivation

It has been noted by various fitness centers in Kolkata that tempo training has a positive effect on the mental growth of an individual since it improves your power of concentration. It prepares you for the mental toughness that you would need for participating in competitive racing.

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Increases Speed

When you get to experience all of the aforementioned zones of tempo workouts, you will learn that due to the wide range of effort that you need to chip in (between light runs which are comfortable to your body and long runs that will force you to give it your all), you will build both slow and fast-twitch muscle fibers.


Workout regimes, after a point of time, can get monotonous and boredom are bound to creep in every now and then. Even the best multi gyms in Kolkata can’t stop you from getting bored in the long run. You don’t have to worry about that when it comes to tempo training since its diverse set of workout exercises keep you on the edge and adds a dynamic element to your whole fitness schedule.

Improved Endurance

Tempo workouts enable you to clear lactate in a more efficient manner and you will eliminate signs of fatigue better than everbefore. Your endurance will be the best you probably have experienced. These workouts will prepare your body for more intense workouts.

Types of Tempo Runs

Now that you know the different tempo zones and the benefits of this workout, it is time for us to help you get acquainted with some of the different types of tempo workouts. You can get trained for these workouts at all of the reputed multi gyms in Kolkata.

Classic Tempo Workout

Evident by its name, it is the most traditional form of tempo workout and it includes a warm-up period and cool-down period with a solid block of time for tempo effort in between.

High-Five Tempo Workout

Ideal for beginners, it breaks the tempo portions into small fragments, allowing easier access at completing it. However, don’t let it fool you since it is still challenging.

Hilly Tempo Run

This workout is aimed at helping you gain strength and stamina by running the tempo workout on a hilly course. The moot point here is to keep no greater efforts on the uphill and no lesser efforts on the downhill. In other words, you need to maintain equilibrium.

So, if you are looking for improving your endurance and increasing your speed, tempo training is what you need in your life. We advise you to get professional help from a gym near you in order for you to start the experience of this highly-efficient training method. And yes, try not to wear yourself out during the first few days of your training period, because remember; you are going for the long haul here. So what is stopping you? Get your training gears out and start running!


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