Tips for Vacationing in Turkey

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Nestled between Western Asia and the Balkan Peninsula is the beautiful transcontinental country of Turkey. The country is a leading global tourist destination due to its captivating sceneries and history. The rich biodiversity of the country’s ecosystem has produced significant diversity of the species found in the country. The multitude of flora and fauna found in the country complements the stunning coastlines, beautiful historical icons and of course, the terrific cultural festivals and events. Turkey is a country that you must visit, and here is why.

Go There at the Right Time

Plan your visit well. This preparation means going to the country during the time of year you want. The climate is mainly welcoming with a warm and temperate climate that is a staple in various regions of Turkey. The summers are hot, but the winters are cold, and sometimes quite wet. You will get clear skies and warm temperatures if you book a travel time that is during the spring, autumn or summer. You should mark your calendar from between April to May and September to around mid-November. If your vacation plans involve a bit of swimming and relaxing on the beach, then the regions of the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts are inviting throughout the year. You can check this out to look out for your accommodation plans here.

If you value the festivals more than sunbathing on a beach, then you would thoroughly enjoy the Istanbul Film Festival that happens at the beginning of April every year. The event gives vacationers a chance to indulge in the rich culture of taking in films and documentaries made in Turkey. You also get an opportunity to socialize with the locals and get that unadulterated native Turkish experience. Being clueless about the language should not bar you from enjoying the native experience. You can get help to translate from Turkish to English whenever you are in doubt.

Explore the Country from the Beaches to Historical Monuments

Tips for Vacationing in Turkey

The more adventurous vacationers might want to explore the country. The popularly known Turquoise Riviera is a must go for those who enjoy the sun and surfing. The name refers to thousands of kilometers of coastline riddled with sandy beaches and coves ready to explore. The warm sea meets the land through mountainous sceneries and beautiful beaches. There are also waterfalls found in the interior that are just breathtaking when you hike through the forests.

History buffs also have something to look forward to when they visit Turkey. Göbekli Tepe is a historical site that predates the once earliest known human-made structures. The place was built about 7000 years before the ancient Egyptians built the Pyramids of Giza and about 6000 years before the iconic Stonehenge got erected. You get to learn more about the earliest human temple ever built. It harbors the cradle of human faith and their belief in the supernatural.

There are numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Turkey. The most popular include:

  • The Historic city of Istanbul
  • Cappadocia where there are the Rock Sites
  • The Hittite Capital of Hattusa
  • The multi-layered landscape of culture that is Pergamon
  • The ancient Holy City: Hierapolis- Pamukkale

Take in the Turkish Culture: Cuisines

Tips for Vacationing in Turkey

No vacation is complete without indulging in the culture of your travel destination. Turkey offers all who visit a taste of the culture through intricate native cuisines guaranteed to get your taste buds in a euphoric frenzy. The tea, popularly known as Caj, is a terrific example of the indigenous culture. The drink is derived from the leaves and buds of a native tea plant. Those travelers with a sweet tooth can enjoy Baklava. The tasty pastry dessert is made from a filling of nuts that have been sweetened, and it comes together by adding honey or syrup. Lokma is another delicious dessert that is just fried dough made to taste by honey, cinnamon, or sugar syrup.

The Turks give the kebab a traditional twist to yield a few variants that they are specialists at making. Shish kebab is made from cubed meat, and some vegetables put on an iron skewer then grilled. A local option uses wooden skewers, and the locals refer to it as Çöp şiş. They also have the spicy Adana kebab that they cook over charcoal. The Iskender and Cağ kebab are other must-try traditional cuisines. They are all usually served with bread or rice on the side.

Turkey is the home of many attractive sights, sounds, and tastes. The people are hospitable and open with their culture, allowing you to have the full native Turkish experience whenever you visit.


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