8 Wedding Dress Ideas From Our Favorite Celebrity Weddings

8 Wedding Dress Ideas From Our Favorite Celebrity Weddings

A wedding is one of the most magical times in a couple’s life and for a bride, in particular, the wedding dress that she wears is incredibly important and something she will treasure for the rest of her life. Brides all over the world tend to be incredibly particular about the kind of dress that they want, as they should be. If you are on the lookout for a wedding dress to make you look gorgeous on your wedding day, you probably already have a few ideas in mind. However, there is no harm in getting some inspiration from some of the latest looks that women are choosing. With the way wedding fashion works, knowing what dress styles are now popular is always beneficial and something that can help a bride look her very best on her wedding day.

Seven months into 2019, and there is no secret that several celebrities across the world have tied the knot in a way that makes us wish we lived their fairytales. One thing that we can take away from them is the kind of wedding attire they chose to go in for on their special day.

1. Classic And Sleek 


Going in for a sleek look has always been one of the go-to options for brides and is something that has become increasingly popular during the past few months. Katherine Schwarzenegger’s sleek and simple strapless Armani Privé gown was the perfect example of how this look can make for a picture perfect wedding.

2. The Traditional Ballgown 


When our favorite Glee star Lea Michele tied the knot, we knew that her gown would be nothing short of beautiful. The actress chose to go in for a classic ball gown complete with a strapless corset top. The subtle detailing with the draping on the dress showcased how just a small spin on something classic can work wonders.

3. Pretty In Lace 


Lace wedding dresses have always been a popular choice, and more so after Gwyneth Paltrow revealed the stunning gown she wore on her wedding day. Lace has a delicate feel and makes even the simplest of designs look incredibly enticing and breathtaking.

4. Women Can Wear Capes  


Wearing a cape on your wedding day is not the most conventional thing, but can be beautiful if done right. Kaley Cuoco showcased her beautiful wedding outfit in which she wore a delicate lace dress with a stunning cape over it. The simple addon helped the entire outfit stand out significantly more, and is a brilliant inspiration for anyone who wants something unique on their wedding day.

5. Traditional Tulle 


A woman can never go wrong with a traditional tulle gown, especially when it is currently one of the more opted for dress styles this wedding season. Kate Upton looked flawless in her traditional style tulle wedding gown complete with lace accents along the sleeves. Variations of the traditional tulle dress have also been showcased across the wedding scene by different celebrities who want to go in for a more traditional route.

6. The Off Shoulder 


Off Shoulder Dresses are still very much in season, and Miley Cyrus’s Vivian Westwood dress was a perfect example of it. The simple and elegant dress gave us a perfect example of how to blend in one of the more popular fashion styles with something that looks timeless and flawless.

7. The Royal Gown 


With the much-awaited wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the dress that the Duchess wore was one of the main points of talk after the ceremony took place. The Givenchy custom made gown was a timeless beauty and something that has been the main inspiration for people women across the globe. Since then, the simple and clean trend coupled with off shoulder accents has become one of the more popular choices for women who are on the lookout for a wedding gown.

8. The Bohemian Fairytale


 Every woman wants a fairytale wedding, which is why it was no surprise that Idina Menzel, the voice behind Frozen’s Elsa chose a wedding gown that was fit for a princess. The Tony Award Winning Star wore a stunning lace off shoulder gown with accentuated sleeves. The backyard wedding was the perfect backdrop for the stunning affair, pulling together the entire look and making it truly stunning.

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