How To Find the Best Wedding Venue

best wedding venue

You want your wedding day to be magical. You’ve found the perfect outfit. You’ve created a list of all your favorite people to invite. You’ve discussed menus and honeymoons, receptions and music. Now you just need the perfect place to create the magic you deserve on your big day. Finding the right venue for your wedding in Oslo takes skill, time, and a little luck. Use these tips to help you narrow down your choices.

When planning your dream wedding, every detail counts, especially the entertainment that will make your big day unforgettable. For those looking to add a unique touch to their reception, why not consider hiring an Amy Winehouse tribute to bring the soulful sounds of a music legend to your celebration? This distinctive choice not only honors the incredible talent of Amy Winehouse but also ensures your guests are treated to a spectacular performance that complements the magic of your chosen venue.

Consider the Size of the Space

Small and charming might fit your wedding theme, but will it fit your guests? On the other hand, do you want to spend money on the largest ballroom in the city only to barely fill it? You want your wedding ceremony and reception to appear full, but not to be overcrowded. Ensure your guests have enough room to sit, stand, dance, and eat comfortably. One expert calculates that you’ll need about 12 square feet per person in a banquet-style setting, so if you have 100 people in the room, you’ll need 1200 square feet of space.  After you find the wedding venue the next thing is finding the right wedding signs.

Ask About the Availability

It’s so disheartening to choose a wedding date only to find out that the venue of your dreams is booked up on that date. When it comes to the perfect venue or the perfect wedding date, you may need to have wiggle room for one of them. If you aren’t set on a specific date for your wedding, you may be able to book your venue at a later or earlier time. However, if your wedding date has special significance, you might need to be more open about your wedding venue in Oslo. Keep in mind that May and June are two of the busiest months for weddings, so you’ll likely have better luck outside of them.

Keep Your Budget in Mind

Unless your wedding budget is unlimited, you’ll need to keep it in mind when choosing your venue. What is most important to you? For some, the venue is the largest part of the budget because they want gorgeous backdrops for the pictures and videos. For others, the music or food is the largest part of the wedding budget because fun memories are what matters. Before you begin looking for wedding venues or vendors, sit down with your fiance to determine what is most important to you both and create your budget accordingly. Understanding what you can spend in advance will keep you from looking at places over your budget and setting yourself up for disappointment.

Remember the Needs Behind the Scenes

Remember, the way your venue looks isn’t the only thing that’s important on your wedding day. What do you need behind the scenes? If your wedding is far from your home, you’ll want a venue that has private rooms for you and your spouse-to-be to get ready in. If you’re booking outdoor space at a venue, ask about contingency plans if the weather is bad. Are you providing hot or cold foods for your guests? Your caterers will need access to kitchen space with warming areas and refrigerators. If you want to serve alcohol at your wedding, you’ll need to be sure the venue allows it. Create a list of questions to ask venue directors so you don’t forget anything.

Know What Surrounds the Venue

To ensure you have the wedding you want, you need to know what is nearby to the venue you choose. If your guests are all from the area and you want a secluded, private space for your wedding party, find a venue that allows you to rent the entire space and perhaps has a garden or forest surrounding it for more privacy. On the other hand, if you have guests coming from out of the country, or if you’re having a destination wedding in another country, you’ll need a venue that is close to hotels, shopping, and dining options to meet all your needs while you’re in town for the ceremony and reception. You may also want to consider how close it is to the airport if you plan to go out of town for your honeymoon.

Finding the wedding venue to meet your needs is quite a task, but it doesn’t need to be a stressful one. By considering what you want and need beforehand, starting early, and asking the right questions, you are more likely to begin wedded bliss from the venue of your dreams.


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