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Your home is your sanctuary, a place where you feel most comfortable. Consequently, it should be treated as such when planning and facilitating improvements to what is your ultimate living space. Granted, there are a few different reasons identified for wanting to make some improvements to your home, one of which might be driven by an impending sales listing of the property. Either way, whenever you want to try out any set of home improvement tips, you need to remember that they should inspire you with a sense of true belonging and desire to live the rest of your daily life in a home that acts as a temple for you.

You want it to be as comfortable as possible, offering a season-appropriate refuge from the clamour of the streets. You want it to be clean and warm, making for a living space that isn’t too much of a chore to take care of. You also want it to be a place where you and your family feel like you can ‘live’ and not be something close to a sterile chain hotel wherein everybody is afraid of breathing because exhaling too hard might cause some expensive ornament to break.

Focus on functionality over appearance

 AB Drylining, pioneers of interior design techniques, recommend that the main focus should be on functionality over appearance. This is naturally a very challenging tip to apply to any home improvement project, simply because we use visual cues to gauge any sort of improvements claimed to have been made to one’s home. However, those who have made a living out of consulting or contracting home improvement spaces have secretly mastered their focus on functionality over appearance. Take a leaf out of their books.

In practice what this means would be exemplified by a consideration of the type of screeding to be used in the finishing of the flooring, you’re perhaps thinking of having redone. If the next winter season is at least four months away still, a choice driven by functionality would make you consider a floor screeding that complements an underfloor heating system to be installed along with the screeding.  Doesn’t that make you think of a long, warm and cosy day in the comfort of your favourite chair, a thrilling book and a cup of hot chocolate while the snow settles on the streets outside?

Fortunately though, for the most part of a home’s appearance, whenever some improvements have been made, the house often resembles the same principles of a human body that looks good on the outside and is likely representing how it feels on the inside too. So you may as well be guided by visual cues in seeking to make improvements, but remember! The underlying functionality consideration should always come first.

Some dark corner which looks like it could use a lamp would probably look and function even better if there was perhaps a window in that same spot, letting in some natural light.

Enjoying the journey while heading to the destination

 If you often find yourself browsing the latest decor techniques, then you know that any sort of home improvements to one’s home are never really complete. This is true even in the case when you’re perhaps not inclined to follow seasonal trends, but rather have a distinct style that goes hand in hand with your unique character and preferences. Even something like one of those traditional, classic, black-and-white flooring homes don’t remain the same forever and are subject to some freshening up here and there, or even some renovation work when you feel like it.

So, the point is, do not allow yourself to get too overwhelmed by the sense that the improvements you make to your home are going to be final or that they’re in vain. Deep down, you know that the overall appearance of your home is still far from the final picture envisioned. Think about that scant, but growing collection of books – it shouldn’t stop you from installing that indie-book-shop-esque bookshelf you might have been dreaming of. Have it installed and then, perhaps in the meantime, temporarily adorn it with some vase flowers or other ornaments. Later on, it will surely be going to be filled up with its rightful book occupants as your collection grows…

Enjoy the home improvement journey while heading towards the improved home destination!

Consult the professionals

 DIY skills can only take you so far when doing up your home and in fact, they should be limited to those minor jobs such as rearranging things, once the professional work of the contractors is done and dusted. Bring in the professionals, even if it means your project will take longer. (Titoma)

Take your time and get to know your living environment

 It’s been shown that people are increasingly opting for arranging their own home improvements rather than moving out to a new place. What experts recommend is that you take your time so that you truly get to know the environment you’re spending time in and plan ahead every detail of how you envision it to be. This can save you a lot of time and money as you avoid situations such as being disappointed with the outcome of a big, costly project.


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