Navigating Orlando MCO

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Why do so many people flock to Orlando? The answer to that question is obvious. Orlando has everything from beaches to museums and parks. It is an international tourist’s dream destination.

Naturally, if you want to enjoy all the sights that Orlando has to offer, you must first navigate the airport. Numerous individuals, groups, and families do so every single day.

Most of them have some experience with the airport, so they know how to find their way around. If you are completely new to Orlando, though, you will appreciate this guide which provides a basic blueprint of the airport.

Navigating Orlando MCO

If you have ever visited any of the major Airports in the United States, then Orlando’s Airport has very few surprises to offer you.

First of all, you can get both domestic and international flights at Orlando Airport. You can expect anyone of thirty-nine airlines to serve you depending on your destination.

You could just gamble your way through the airport. But if your objective is to take a systematic approach, consider downloading the airport’s official app. Yes, Orlando Airport has its own app.

Strange as that might sound, the app is quite handy. For instance, it will help you determine whether you are flying out of terminal A or B. It will also guide you to the monorail that will take you to your gate.

Of course, this assumes that you have a smartphone. If you don’t have the means to download the app, there are plenty of tools in the airport to help you find your way, the most prominent being the interactive kiosks.

Most frequent travelers will encourage you to get a smartphone, though. It makes so many things much easier.

The Transport

How do people get around? Well, car rentals are pretty common. They will take you from your home to the airport. They will also take you from the airport to Hyatt Regency Hotel, which is close by, or to any other destination you might have in mind.

You can always find a taxi outside the complex. But the Airport gets a lot of visitors. So there are periods when taxis grow scarce. You are better off reserving a cab ahead of time.

Some people have their own personal cars, especially residents of Orlando that are looking to fly out to other locations. These people normally look to to meet their Orlando International Airport Parking needs.

Parking at MCO isn’t easy. The Airport Parking Rates are not exactly friendly. And some of the parking providers in the area will charge additional fees for using their online reservation services to book parking ahead of time. cuts through all this noise. They know that Orlando has one of the fastest growing Airports in the world and the presence of Disney World is partly to blame. They also understand that many of the people transitioning through the Airport cannot afford the hefty fees charged by the hub’s long term and short term parking services.

So they have gone out of their way to secure affordable parking near the Orlando Airport. Parkos doesn’t necessarily own these parking lots. Rather, it has partnered with parking providers near the airport to offer parking to travelers at a competitive fee.

Their platform has a search engine that will enable you to find the parking providers that suit your preferences in a price range you can afford.

Of course, this assumes that you are going to drive to and from the airport. Ride-hailing apps like Uber are all the rage these days.


If you have the time, Orlando Airport is more than capable of keeping you occupied with its impressive offering of shopping centers. Most of the activity is situated in the hub between the terminals.

If you have young children, they will appreciate all the toy stores and gift shops. Older children will love the arcade in the area with its diverse offering of ancient and modern games.

If you go exploring, you will eventually come across some famous merchandising stores associated with brands like Harry Potter and Disney. Actually, Disney fans will fall in love with the stores in the East Hall and on the South Walk.

Shopping is best done when you are leaving the airport. Otherwise, you will load up on purchases that you have to take through security before you can board your flight, and that will complicate your journey.

The Food

There are plenty of dining opportunities at MCO. You will find fast food joints at the Main Terminal Food Court, the likes of McDonald and Macaroni Grill.

The New City Pub has decent food and bear of the local variety. It also has a strong association with Orlando’s Soccer Club, so it is a great place to soak in the local sports atmosphere.

Chipotle, Wendy’s and Outback Steakhouse are only accessible once you get past security. But this assumes that you are looking to indulge in some cheap, straightforward junk food.

There are also sophisticated dining options like Cast and Larder. Browse the airport’s website. The portal has all the information you might need to better understand Orlando Airport’s culinary offerings.


The security protocols at MCO are nothing new, not for anyone that has actually transitioned through a major airport in the US.

They won’t let you board with fluids, though there are exceptions such as breast milk and medical syrups. Children under 12 will have an easier time with security because they are not expected to remove their shoes or accessories like hats.

The same applies to babies, though they must be taken out of their strollers before advancing through the metal detector.

Orlando Airport’s security is likely to frustrate you. The lines are normally quite long and you could actually miss your flight as a result if you fail to arrive early enough.

Take the time to read through the Airport’s security guidelines. Make sure you know what they will permit you to bring and what has to stay at home. Otherwise, you will generate even more delays for yourself and your fellow passengers.


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