Our Favourite Tequila Cocktail Recipes

Our Favourite Tequila Cocktail Recipes

They said you never actually lived if you never enjoy a glass of fine tequila. As this drink is being adored all around the world, it’s not a surprise actually it inspired hundreds of cocktails. With its bitter taste, it can be perfectly combined with so many ingredients, from fruits to juices but also salty, savoury and sweet taste. There are really not a lot of things you can’t pair with tequila, pour it into your glass and enjoy it!

However, some of these combinations became the most famous tequila cocktails which are very popular on many occasions, from family barbeques to business dinners and nights out. Just think about the iconic Tequila Sunrise or Margarita. On how many occasions so far have you ordered these two drinks?

If you’re still unaware of a wide variety of choice when it comes to tequila cocktail recipes, that’s about to change. As a perfect drink for both summer and winter, tequila-based cocktails should always be very high on your list!

That’s why we’ve decided to compile some of the best tequila cocktails you will probably want to try out now. The best thing about them is they are truly easy to prepare at home so if you’re too lazy to hit a bar, you can always prepare yourself a tequila drink at home.

#1 Envy Cocktail

This blue beauty will amaze anyone who enjoys light and breezy cocktails during the hot, summer nights. Not to mention that blue cocktails will always capture our attention, but adding tequila to it makes it even more obvious that you have to try out this drink. This fancy beauty is filled with various tropical fruits that ensure you will enjoy the taste. After all, what’s the summer without fruit … and just a hint of tequila? To prepare this blue drink, you will need these three ingredients:

• 45 ml tequila

• 15 ml blue curaçao

• pineapple juice

Our Favourite Tequila Cocktail Recipes

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#2 Passion Cocktail

If envy is not your thing, how about passion? We’re not talking about emotions, we’re talking about some of the most delicious tequila cocktails. If you like the sweet taste of cranberry, this is the perfect cocktail for you! It was inspired by Cosmopolitan, also a famous cocktail, and it’s perfect for romantic dinners or if you simply want to relax at home after a long day. To make the Passion Cocktail, you will need:

• 50 ml tequila

• 65 ml cranberry juice

• 25 ml ounce lime juice

• 2 splashes orange liqueur

• Lime slices for decoration

#3 Sangrita

Tequila is often used for shots and shooters but Sangrita is like a drink from another planet! It’s a two-part shot which will leave you speechless how good it actually is. There are several ways to make it, but the original recipe includes orange, lime and grenadine mixed with a hot sauce. Modern versions have also added the spicy tomato juice to this mix. Here are the ingredients you will need to prepare your Sangrita:

• 160 ml tomato juice

• 150 ml orange juice

• 15 ml fresh-squeezed lime juice

• 2 dashes Tabasco

• 1 pinch salt

#4 Tequini

There are probably hundreds of martinis recipes, so it doesn’t surprise us at all that tequila found its way to become a part of at least one of the recipes. This funky drink is a great choice if you’re already tired of traditional martini and can’t wait to try out something different. The recipe has simply replaced gin with tequila and the world was introduced to a new drink – Tequini. You will need to find the best among the tequila brands because cheap tequila will ruin your fancy Tequini. After you’ve found the best tequila, you can start preparing your cocktail with these ingredients:

• 60 ml white tequila

• 15 ml dry vermouth

• Dash of Angostura Bitters

• Olive, lemon twist or chilli pepper slices for decorations

#5 Juan Collins

Have you heard already about the Collins drinks? If you haven’t, you will need to try Juan Collins to understand why these drinks are so popular. Of course, Juan Collins is made with tequila instead of gin, whiskey or vodka which are usually the main ingredients of this drink group. This is a refreshing drink with tequila and fruit which resulted in a great taste which is the perfect choice for your summer moments! To bring out the most of them, these are the ingredients you will need for your Juan Collins:

• 40 ml tequila

• 30 ml lemon juice

• 14 ml agave nectar

• 60 ml club soda

• Lemon, lime wedge for decoration

Your moments, whether while you’re dancing with your friends or relaxing after a long day at home, will be more enjoyable if you have your tequila cocktail in your hand. Luckily, all of the above-mentioned drinks are so easy to make that you will not have to waste too much time on preparation. All that is left is to try them all to find your favourite!


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