Affordable ways to pay for IVF.

Affordable ways to pay for IVF.

What is IVF?

IVF stands for in vitro fertilization. It uses a combination of medicines and surgical procedures to help the sperm fertilize an egg. Then help the fertilized egg implant into the uterus. The process lasts for long months and the chances of favorable results are dicey.

IVF gives the couples a lot of emotional as well as physical stress, as the process can be excruciating for the body as well as the mind. However, the most stressful thing about IVF is its cost. The procedure charges are skyrocketing, and that’s why there is a lot of pressure on the couple because not everyone can afford it more than once. There are even some people who cannot afford it even once. But that’s not the end there are a lot of places where you can get IVF grants, here are some of the most affordable ways to pay for IVF:

fertility grants to those who cannot afford the high costs.

  • The angels of hope foundation: The angels of hope foundation works for the benefit of couples who are financially burdened. The foundation provides IVF donation to couples who are facing severe problems, however, the foundation provides only two IVF fundings every year.

Eligibility: Couples must be legally married and must reside within 25 miles of Morris, Illinois. They also should have minimal insurance with no children at home.

Application: The applicants need to fill out a form along with a letter from the doctor and the medical as well as all the financial records.

  • B.U.M.P.S: B.U.M.P.S is a non-profit based in Florida which helps couples by providing them IVF financial support grants to those who need it.

Eligibility: For couples to be eligible for obtaining an IVF grant from this place, they need to be diagnosed with infertility and should strictly be under the age of 44years if they want to use their own sperm. Besides that, they should also submit legit medical reports of being mentally and physically healthy. All this should be presented along with a proof of a safe and parental living arrangement.

Application: Forms are available on their website and factors such as fertility history and financial situation determine the selection process.

  • The cade foundation: The cade foundation has been giving grants to IVF patients since 2004; they are also known to be of great help in domestic adoptions and fertility treatments. They provide around $10,000 per family.

Eligibility: The criterion for getting grants is pretty simple, the applicants need to be US citizens and need to be diagnosed with infertility.

Application: The forms are available online on their websites and applicants are supposed to provide input on how they would add financially to their treatment costs.

  • Footsteps for fertility: The foundation awards grants to couples as donated services or monetary grants. The money is typically worth $5000 or more.

Eligibility: Applicants must satisfy the definition of infertility set by SART.

Application: The applicants must fill the form online along with the fee and should follow all the criteria which are stated there on the form online.

  • The fertility foundation of Texas: The fertility foundation of Texas awards the IVF fundings to couples who belong to central Texas; the grant can be worth $10,000 which may be used for fertility treatment.

Eligibility: The couple should be a resident of central Texas and should have an annual income below than $100,000, besides that the applicants must be uninsured for their fertility and have no children.

Application: The application should be filled and sent with a doctor’s note attached. There should also be a page regarding the history of infertility in the applicant’s life.

  • The JFCS fertility fund: This nonprofit has proved of great help to couples who are financially burdened in the process of infertility by providing them with support in fundings in the greater Philadelphia region.

Eligibility: The applicants should be strictly Jewish couple or singles who are living in the area of Greater Philadelphia.

Application: The information regarding the application procedure is available on the website.

  • Journey to parenthood: Journey to parenthood is a non-profit which grants it’s applicants with IVF grant which assists couples and individuals to cover the cost of their treatment. It also provides financial and emotional support to its clients making it one of the most comfortable places for couples going through the hard phase of life.

Eligibility: The couples should be US citizens and should also have received treatment by any endocrinology specialist in the US. The applicants are also required to show their financial status and the fact that they are unable to afford the services.

Application: The applications are needed to be filed online.

Above is the list of some of the major non-profits which provide IVF endowment and make your dream of starting a family turn into a reality.


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