How to create perfect floor plans

How to create perfect floor plans

Showing your customer a 2D or 3D floor plan is essential to make him picture his future house or its design. As a result, he or she will be more willing to sign a contract. But how to draw a perfect floor plan, the one that creates a “Wow” effect? You’ll need a reliable floor plan software and a pinch of creativity and discipline. Let’s see what you’ll have to do.

Some steps to success…

No need to remember you that every single project has to be treated differently, in a unique way to match the customer’s needs perfectly. Here are some tips you’ll have to remember to succeed:

  • Pay attention to the preparatory work. Before even creating the floor plan, you must have a basic idea of where you’re heading to and of the different furnitures you’ll add to the project. Be that as it may, make sure you’re keeping it relatively simple.
  • Start by creating the wall structure, then the windows and doors. You can also choose one of the predefined templates provided by the floor plan software and then adjust the wall’s size.
  • In a design project, don’t assume the walls are parallel. Measurement is the key of the floor plan realism. You must not forget to take proper measures and to manage spaces in each room.
  • Note the position of electrical receptacles etc…Those are essential to help the customer picture himself living in that house.
  • Don’t place all the furnitures the same way: change the angles to give your floor plan more realism and consistency. This is where all your creativity must show up.

The importance of a good floor plan software

As we saw, creating floor plans requires specific skills and creativity. But choosing a floor plan software that provides key features and an intuitive interface will surely help you in the creation process. In the market, there are numerous efficient softwares meant for every kind of professionals. First, you must choose one software designed for your field. Is it a floor plan software for construction use? Is that meant for real estate agents or interior designers ? Does the software emphasises on design features? In that case, it is probably the case. Also, ensure that floor plans are as realistic as possible. This is the most essential part as it helps the customer imagine himself in the future house.

An example of reliable floor plan software? Cedreo, designed for construction, renovation and home design professionals. The asset of Cedreo’s software is that it requires no technical skills which makes it very easy-to-use. Interesting, isn’t it? What you need is just to follow a quick tutorial and you will be able to generate 2D or 3D floor plans within a few minutes only and modify it straight away. Last but not least, a great amount of features are also available to help the creation process: templates, automatic roofing as well as a lot of furnitures and design possibilities. As an example, more than 540 openings are available!

Now you have all those tips, conceiving floor plans must be easier. Now, play on.


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