7 tips if you decide to run

7 tips if you decide to run

Have you decided to improve your health and body shape by running? Fine! Below I will tell you how to avoid mistakes.

People have different attitudes towards running from sharply negative, to too positive. The truth is somewhere in the middle.

Running is not a panacea, but an excellent tool for improving the overall quality of life, as well as certain results in other physical activities, including working with weights and getting rid of excess weight.

TIP 1: Don’t overdo it

This applies to both running and nutrition.

Start training with small. There are many different approaches. You can just start with an intense walk through the park for an hour. And you can immediately start running, but strictly limit this exercise to the time. Seven minutes, then 10, 15, 20, and so on until you get to 40 minutes of continuous running.

Yes, time is more important, not distance. You will think about distance later when the cardiovascular system is sufficiently trained and 40-minute run will not cause problems with your well-being. And in the early stages, it is not even necessary to run all the time. Try one minute of running, then two minutes of intense walking.

But I prefer the option when you run for exactly an hour and every time you try to gradually increase the load. You start with walking, then you run easily, you feel that you are choking, you are walking again, your breathing has been restored – you ran. And so 60 minutes. In the end, I noticed the distance – each time try to increase it by at least 50–100 meters.

The amount of training is enough to run three times a week every other day. If there is power, then three power every other day (for beginners it is advisable to start FullBody), and on rest days from power – two cardio. Those who focus more on running and already have the experience, endurance, it is recommended to run up to 5 times a week. Pros do six workouts a week, but be sure even the professionals have a day of complete rest.

TIP 2: Warm up – before exercise, stretching and hitch – after

Do I need a warm-up while running? The answer is yes. And you need to fully stretch the joints. Muscles do not work separately. Muscles are a single system, and even if only the legs or arms are involved, it is necessary to knead the whole body. Here is a good option, suitable for running and training with weights:

7 tips if you decide to run

After training, stretching and hitch are desirable. In the case of working with weights, this is low-intensity cardio, and stretching is the simplest five-minute. There are dozens of them on the web, just enter the query “stretching after a workout”.

Hatchback after running – walk 300–400 meters, gradually reducing the pace. Do not instantly stop.

TIP 3: Pick up good shoes

If there is no financial opportunity to buy good running sneakers in the store or, better yet, first individually select it from the experts, and that is on the farm will do. But in this case it is worth running in a stadium with a rubber coating or on the ground, but not on asphalt. When you get a decent shoe, then you can run anywhere.

7 tips if you decide to run

Laboratories for the selection of shoes are not everywhere, but if you do not bother, good running shoes should sit on the leg perfectly.

Girls should take care of their breasts, in particular, about her support. This is either special underwear for running, or sports T-shirts, the style and materials of which provide support for the chest.

TIP 4: If something hurts badly – be examined by a specialist

This is important if you are planning a long and successful exercise. Sharp pain in the knees, very uncomfortable condition of the body and other nuances.

Due to the changed regime and the increased load, some hidden sores can emerge, dormant for the time being. Usually, at the early stage, most problems are fixed. (Cialis)

Believe me, it is better to solve the problem immediately and calmly train, than at this stage aggravate your condition and generally abandon training and attempts to change life for the better.

TIP 5: Drink enough water

It is necessary to drink in small portions during the day, consuming 2–3 liters of pure water per day. Not tea, not coffee, not juice, but pure water.

Do not allow dehydration, especially with active physical exertion. Water plays the role of a solvent in our body, including harmful substances, which are then excreted.

It is easy to notice dehydration – urine should be clear or slightly yellowish. If the color is bright yellow or darker (closer to the coffee color) – there is dehydration. Need to drink more.

TIP 6: Watch your pulse and breath

This is an important point. Working a lot and very hard does not mean that it will be effective. On the contrary – acidification of the heart, the rapid onset of fatigue. As a result, there is little benefit, you will burn a few calories too, endurance training and the cardiovascular system will not.

Depending on the age and general physical fitness, the effective pulse is in the range from 120 to 150 beats per minute. Landmark – heart rate monitor and your own breathing, or just breathing, if there is no heart rate monitor. You need to breathe easily, but not so much that you can even talk while running. If you speak fluently and breathing does not go astray, then the pace is too light. Choking without talking is too heavy.

In the presence of a heart rate monitor, it is convenient to detect this moment of the most efficient running work and further control it with the help of technology. Both chest and optical models will do. The latter is more convenient, the chest sensor can subside, interfere, rub.

It is worth noting that many modern smartwatches for women have a heart rate monitor. You can check this article by findthedecision and find such a gadget with a feminine design.

TIP 7: Remove bad habits

Speech about alcohol and smoking. Beer on Fridays, wine in the evenings, strong drinks till you drop. I recommend forgetting about it. A glass of good dry wine sometimes (once a week, for example), but no more. There is no use in alcohol, except for a blow to the liver and the hormonal system, especially in women.

With smoking is still sadder. Running and cigarettes are not compatible in any way. Resins and decomposition products that enter the lungs along with the smoke are half the trouble. The soot covering the capillaries and blood vessels in the second half. 100% of zealous smokers have problems with blood vessels and the cardiovascular system, even though they are not noticed at a young age. Varicose hemorrhoids are also often the result of smoking.

Choose – or a quick pleasure here and now, or a great result, a beautiful body, excellent health in the near future, and so many years.


I decided to take care of myself – do not put it off until later.

This is the main advice. You do not need to study literature for a long time, look for good shoes, sportswear, a stadium, a water bottle, and other accessories, then wait for the right day. If you want to take care of yourself, start right now.


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