5 facts that everyone gets wrong about vaping


It is astonishing that their laws and the media even do not differentiate between two products of different make and different style and quite often they put those under one niche. Considering that, there are many misconceptions related to vaping. The top five wrong things that you often feel about next day vapes are listed below –

Vaping is not equivalent to Electric cigarette

It is often thought and even published by the media that vaping sticks and electronic cigarettes are similar and the same thing, but actually that is not the case. While electronic cigarettes are rich with tobacco content and are quite costly, since that is to be refilled very often, that is not the case with vaping sticks. Vaping sticks can produce tons of vapour and hence has to be refilled very lately or even once a year only. Moreover, tobacco content is extremely low here and hence is not that much harmful to your health as the cigarettes are.

Vaping juice contains pure products and slight nicotine

It is not possible that you ask for a tobacco product and there will be no tobacco in it. Yes, Vaping juice is having four components, where the flavours are added by some and vapour is produced by glycerine, but at least 36mg/ ml nicotine is there in the liquid. So, it is never that there is no nicotine in the nicotine product, but surely the nicotine content is very less here and can be demised to be negligible.

Vaping juice is very much harmful

This is usually noted by the media and even by the laws. Actually, they mix up the two things – vapes and the e-cigs. However, they are never the ideal match and the ideal alternative to each other. While e-cig is the electronic version of the cigarettes, and it contains the same or even more nicotine as the cigarettes, that is not the case with next day vapes. Vapes are having extremely low nicotine content, which is even assumed to be no nicotine. That is the ideal difference creator and that makes vapes much less harmful than that of the e-cigs, but it very much unfortunate that the media has no knowledge on the same.

Vaping fascinates smoking habit

This is again for the assumption that vaping is similar to that of e-cigs. The facts are that there can be no similarity between the two sets of products and there is none between these two. Practically there is no difference between normal cigarette and e-cigs and they both are the addiction of the smokers. However, in the case of vaping, it is reported that near to 24% of the users are non-smokers and more than it states that 74% of the vape users are smokers and 92% of them quitted smoking, after starting vaping.

Vaping is very much costly

This can be regarded to be the last assumption regarding vaping and the assumers are totally wrong here. This is, in fact, true in the case of the e-cigs, where near to 150 puffs can be taken from one refill and hence a regular refill is essential for the smokers. However, in the case of vaping one refill is able to provide you tons of vapour and hence there is no need for refilling them even once a year.

The above things state what you feel wrong about next day vapes. It is time to correct the wrongs and accept this fruit juice effect leaving the smoking habit. 


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