6 Steps to Having a Polite Dog With Good Manners

6 Steps to Having a Polite Dog With Good Manners

Dog owners love the unconditional companionship, love, and other sweet things that their puppies do. What pet parents fail to account for is that once dogs grow up, their habits may become a nuisance. Your adult dog will be jumping or barking at strangers and chewing anything on sight. Therefore, as a dog owner, you need to raise your pooch in a manner that it behaves appropriately. This article will discuss some of the steps to having a well-behaved and polite dog:

1) Start Training Early

The first training required is home breaking, which is introducing the new dog to your home. It needs to understand what is considered appropriate earlier on by making every interaction a learning moment. Your dog ought to obey basic commands such as heel, come, sit, stay, and lay down. It is crucial to sign up your pet with dog trainers in Cherry Hill, NJ, to get the best training for proper manners. Dog training schools have experts who specialize in guidance and instructional coaching in a controlled environment.

2) Never Punish Your Dog When It Misbehaves

Dogs have some habits that you would consider inappropriate such as chewing, digging, peeping, and defecating indoors. These behaviors can agitate you as a pet owner, but you need to understand that it requires full training to behave appropriately. (peytonsplaceanimalrescue.org) Shouting or hitting your dog makes it learn that you are the source of pain and develops aggression as a coping mechanism. So whenever you catch your pooch doing something wrong, tell it NO or Bad dog in a polite way.

3) Teach Your Dog the Quiet Command

Barking is natural protection response for dogs whenever they notice a stranger on your property. However, it is impolite when your dog keeps barking at your guest or even for attention. Teach it to stay quiet before the barking gets out of control. You can spray him a mix of water and vinegar when it barks followed by a calm command and praise him for the silence.

4) Only Allow Chewing On Proper Objects

Chewing is a common habit for dog and should be encouraged because it helps strengthen their teeth. However, let your dog chew on its toys and not an old shoe or bottles. Restricting what to gnaw teaches them not to chew everything in the house and protects their teeth.

5) Let Your Dog Socialize

Pet socialization helps with reducing aggression and other negative behaviors. Take your dog for walks to familiarize it with different people and places. Daily socialization helps your dog stay calm and happy because it develops a better impression or the world.

6) Be Consistent

Training your dog to be polite requires you to be consistent and dedicated. Any inconsistency during training makes your effort ineffective since you are just confusing him or her. Please do not dismiss it one day and then allow it to sleep on your bed, eat your food, or let a mistake slide the next day.


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