How to Find a Good Veterinary Doctor

How to Find a Good Veterinary Doctor

Perhaps you are a pet parent or you are thinking of becoming one soon.

You have lots of decisions to make: what kind of food you’ll get for your pet, how to train the pet, where your pet would sleep, etc. But there’s no decision bigger than choosing the right veterinarian for your pet. Your pet’s comfort and health, to a large extent, depends on the kind of vet who tends to it.

However, the question is: if you are not a vet, how would you know which one is the best fit for your pet? Well, here are a few tips to help as you settle on a vet for your pet.

Are They Licensed?

Being a vet is not a handyman’s job. It requires skill and expertise that is garnered through years of learning. In the world of veterinary doctors, DVMs and VMDs are general practitioners. However, they limit themselves to specific animals such as cats and dogs. Such doctors may be great for you because of their specialization.

The American Animal Hospital Association is the agency that accredits animal hospitals. Thus, if the practice you intend to engage is truly accredited, it would have a certificate(s) from that agency. If it doesn’t, that’s your walk-away signal.

Take a Look at Their Facilities

While checking out the website is a good place to start, there is nothing like having a feel of the facilities in person. A tour of your prospective veterinary facility can let you in on a number of things. The organization, cleanliness, and seriousness of staff are sure to be on the show. The kind of equipment deployed in the hospital may give you an indication of the quality of the practice.

Find out about their staff strength and the cases they often deal with. Find out if they refer cases to specialists in the event a case is not within their purview and also, find out if they offer overnight services and how the place is run.

You can check out reviews both online and with people who have engaged their services previously. Such an inquiry will give you firsthand information about your potential vet.

Ask Questions

Spend some time with your prospective doctor and ask all the niggling questions on your mind. Sometimes, the depth of answers from the vet would show how versed they are in your pet’s issues.

Also, it would help you see the level at which your potential veterinary doctor communicates. Are they flippant or patient? Would the vet be willing to listen to your concerns and find ways to address them?  If you have a good rapport with them then that’s a good sign.

Ask Your Friends and Family for Recommendations

Sometimes your journey to finding a good vet is simply asking for a recommendation from family and friends who own pets or animals.

Such people are sure to know a thing or two about the best practitioners in the vicinity. Their recommendations are leads you can explore and confirm if the recommended facilities are any good.

Take Cost into Consideration

Veterinary schools are very expensive, and you shouldn’t expect your doctor to dish out freebies to you. However, you should find someone who is not just interested in making money but also in helping you. Such a vet is likely to have varied payment structures and willing to listen to your financial concerns and help you get value for money.

To save cost, find a practitioner that is within your vicinity. For instance, if you live in Santa Rosa, you shouldn’t go looking for vets in Windsor or Kenwood. You can find a good veterinarian in Santa Rosa who would attend to your needs.

In Conclusion

Your vet is your partner in ensuring the wellbeing of your cherished pet. So, in choosing one, make sure you go with one that communicates well, has a good facility, as well as a proven track record. Above all, make sure that the person you go with is licensed with the appropriate authorities. This would save you so much heartache and help you give your pet a treat for life.


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