Popular Tattoo Styles to Consider for Your Next Tattoo

Popular Tattoo Styles to Consider for Your Next Tattoo

Choosing a tattoo in Melbourne can be very overwhelming. After all, a tattoo will stay with you for the rest of your life, so you need to be completely sure you’re choosing the right design. These days, there are many different tattoo styles available to choose from, including traditional, watercolor, realism, Japanese and new school. Read on to learn about some of the different tattoo styles in greater detail.


Featuring bright colors, bold lines and iconic designs such as anchors and roses, traditional tattoos tend to be iconic. The style is popular in the industry and the most well-known type of tattoo. If you choose a traditional tattoo, you can generally trust that it will age well over time.


Watercolor tattoos are very in right now. Millennials have really taken to the watercolor style, which is what it sounds like − a tattoo that looks like it’s printed onto your skin with a paintbrush coated in watery pastels. While there’s a certain simplicity to watercolor paintings, this isn’t the case with watercolor tattoos. Mimicking the style on human skin can be very challenging, which is why it’s important to find a talented tattoo artist if you want a watercolor tattoo in Melbourne.


Tribal tattoos are the oldest type of tattoo style. In fact, tribal tattoos date back thousands of years. There are various styles of tribal tattoos across the world, but all tribal tattoos are usually done in black ink and feature elaborate designs and patterns.


Classic realism has had its place in fine art dating back to the Renaissance era. However, it has only become a part of the tattoo world in recent times. Realism has turned into a tattoo style that’s refined and very popular. Currently, you can find realistic tattoo depictions done in black and grey of almost any celebrity, as well as family members and friends. You can even find examples of tattoos featuring surreal realism.


The traditional Japanese style of tattooing originates from the early 1600s to the mid-1800s during the Edo period. At the time, the merchant class was attracted to woodblock prints. These early tattoos generally featured depictions of Japan’s age-old folklore with heroes from the Suikoden, along with mythological figures like phoenixes, dragons, and kirins. Traditional Japanese tattoos tell a story about the country’s past, which makes these tattoos very powerful.

New School

New school tattoos aren’t as new as they sound. This available style of tattoo in Melbourne became popular during the late 1980s. New school tattoos usually feature animated aesthetics and pop culture references, with a wacky and somewhat cartoonish style.


Neo-traditional tattoos are the evolution of traditional tattoos. This style includes elements of original designs such as pronounced line work and bright colors, but it has a more illustrative aspect to it. Tattoo artists who produce neo-traditional tattoos are generally influenced by Art Nouveau and Art Deco. This means that this style of ink often features natural imagery.


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