Three things to know before installing frameless glass fences in Melbourne VIC

Three things to know before installing frameless glass fences in Melbourne VIC

During summer time, swimming is the best hangout zone for both children and adults. Everyone loves to splash cool waters during the summer heat! And while there’s all the fun on the pool, there’s a scope for accidents and unwanted dangers as well. Children can get drowned in the pool. It is the reason why you should invest in frameless glass pool fencing. But before you get on with the installation here are three essential things to be aware of.

Knowing frameless glass pool fencing

You should have an exact idea about frameless glass fencing! As opposed to the conventional glass panes, this glass pane has no visible joints. You can only see seamless panels at a row. The glass is premium, and the edges are polished and smooth. Even the glass sides don’t carry any metal sidings. Only the bottom has steel hinges to stay attached in the ground. You have the feeling of remaining suspended in air. To know more on this, you can visit Glass Fence Constructions.

Reasons to select the frameless glass fencing

The most important goal is to sport an elegant pool look that is also secure and safe. Lavish houses make use of frameless glass fencing mostly. Generally, the opaque fencing blocks the vision. Hence, the stunning pool decor and the view of your children become out of sight.

Both adults and kids would love to get a beautiful view of nature while swimming, out of the panes. You can imagine the bliss and joy of merely floating on the calm waters and enjoying the foliage view of the yard. It completely relaxes the body and mind in just a few minutes. And as you do so, you also need to be vigilant on your children, to ensure they are safe near the swimming pool area.

Sometimes you can have a house party near your garden area! And here you children will roam around the pool area and the garden. Having a glass pool fence will enable you to keep an eye on the kids so that you know the moment some accident is about to happen and you can save them before anything dangerous takes place. Opaque fences will not enable you to keep a check on the kids. Hence, there can be a mishap without your awareness.

Installing frameless glass pool fences

You don’t require any unique flooring before the installation. You can install a frameless fence over a concrete or wooden floor. You can fix the fences in three ways. They are:

  • Slot fixed – Here people get the feeling of the glass fence appearing from underground. The slots get created on the ground, and the panes get attached to it. 
  • Spigot fixed – Here the high-end stainless-steel spigots get bolted on the surface.
  • Button fixed – In this installation, the panels generally are beneath the ground. There are attached bolds on the glass at specific locations to provide strength and balance

Frameless glass pool fencing also adds to the overall aesthetics of your house uniquely! If you love space, then the transparent panel will give you a feeling of more space than what is there. Once you are aware of these three important facts you can opt-in for the frameless glass pool fencing for your pool.


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