Getting A Tattoo? Tips On Looking For A Great Tattoo Shop

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You now have a tattoo design in mind. So, the next step is to find tattoo artist or a tattoo shop to help you. Finding a reliable tattoo artist can be a tricky business if you don’t know where to start your search.

Continue reading to know four tips to help you find a great tattoo shop near you.

A Clean Workspace

Reputable tattoo shops know and uphold a set of standards to keep their customers happy. One of these guidelines is to make their establishments as clean and presentable as possible. Similar to other businesses, such as restaurants, tattoo parlors need to establish clean environments.

The shop needs to be pristine and sterile. Take a look around the area to see if there are traces of garbage, like used plastic wraps and razors. Also, if the tattoo artist is still busy with another customer, ensure his or her hands are clean and recently washed. The professional should also wear gloves to avoid risks of infections.

Also, the bench, ink box, and seat should be devoid of any unwanted materials, like used pots and paper towels. Don’t forget to ask the establishment if they always use new needles for each customer. You can double-check this by staying for a while in the tattoo shop. The tattoo artist should open a new needle in front of you when a new customer enters.

If you want to find a clean and reliable tattoo artist in your region, you can start your search by checking

Use Social Media

You can drive or walk around the neighborhood to look for that ideal tattoo shop. Alternatively, you can use the Internet at your disposal in this regard. Search on Google for Toronto tattoo artists and check for reviews for each of them. Use social media groups and networks to ask for tattoo parlor recommendations near you.

Conversely, you can use specific location-finding features on particular social media apps and sites. For example, start by accessing your preferred social media portal. Next, use a search string like “tattoo shops near me.”

The search results should list all available tattoo artists and parlors near you. Also, you need to look at online reviews if the tattoo shop is worth your interest. Again, you can join social media groups to ask for information about specific tattoo establishments. Conversely, you can join online forums outside of social media sites to help you pick the best tattoo shop for you.

An Extensive Work Portfolio

Renowned tattoo artists are akin to photographers. These professionals should display their best works of art to new and existing clientele.

Once you visit a tattoo artist’s parlor, ask to see the expert’s portfolio. Take a look at the different tattoo styles the professional can offer. But, don’t leave your mouth agape in awe and shock upon seeing the professional’s previous work. Instead, check critical details in the craftsmanship.

For instance, check the design and layout of the tattoos printed onto the skin of the artist’s past clientele. Look for sharp lines as if the expert made these design elements using a single stroke.

Also, check the color and shading of the tattoo designs. Remember, consistency is crucial for tattoo designs, like Neo-Traditional tattoos. An experienced tattoo artist with excellent experience and skill should know how to implement proper color gradients.

Competitive Pricing

Many individuals like to buy inexpensive items, but don’t let your frugal nature affect your tattoo shop considerations. Getting an excellent tattoo from an experienced artist won’t be cheap.

You need to realize that professionals use sophisticated tools to ensure your tattoo looks the way you want. The pieces of equipment included in the expert’s arsenal may also include cleaning tools to help ensure the establishment is as pristine as possible. Next, don’t forget about the services rendered by the artist. Printing a tattoo on your skin requires precision, patience, and years of experience.

Remember, professional tattoo services may not be the only parts of the artist’s package. You’re also requesting for their aesthetic and design awareness. Those characteristics may not come overnight, and it’s also a possibility that the artist went to acquire formal education to gain expertise. So, it may not come as a surprise when specific tattoo artists seem to offer a high price for their services.

Still, it doesn’t mean that the tattoo artist should put a high price on their services. Instead, acquire the services of a tattoo shop with competitive pricing. This way, you can get a beautiful-looking tattoo while you’re still within your budget.


By the time you walk out of a tattoo store after getting your tattoo, the artist should give you the satisfaction you deserve. Follow the tips mentioned above to search for a reliable tattoo shop near you. If done correctly, you might leave the store with a massive smile on your face.


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