4 Magical Ways Your Pets Can Help Improve Your Health

4 Magical Ways Your Pets Can Help Improve Your Health

Our pets are our furry family members. They’re always happy to see us, comfort us on our bad days, and are our companions for every life situation. But did you know pets benefit us in other ways?

This bond is deeper than just man’s best friend. Owning a pet can make you a healthier and happier person (if that’s not a reason alone to have a pet).

Here are 5 ways your pet can improve your health.

1. They Reduce Stress

We have all had this situation. Work is crazy or we just had a bad day. You feel awful when you get home. But seeing your dog’s wagging tail and hearing your cat’s purr is enough to melt your stress away. Why is that?

It all has to do with your hormones. Being near your pet releases many “feel good” hormones. These hormones include serotonin, prolactin, and oxytocin.

Releasing these hormones cut down on stress hormones.

2. They Make Your Heart Healthy

Your pet’s love is strong enough to make your heart healthy! Owning a pet reduces your risk of getting heart disease. There are many things pet ownership does to your body that results in a healthy heart.

Let’s take the physical activity of owning a dog. What dog likes sitting around the house?

Owning a dog forces you out of your home. You’re walking your dog, visiting the dog park, and even rough-housing with doggo does wonders for your health.

What about cats? Even though you’re not taking your cat to the dog park, all cat owners know cats love running around the house and playing.

All of this physical activity helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol, reducing your risk of heart disease.

3. Helps Those With Developmental and Social Problems

There’s no denying pets make us more social. But our pet’s “feel good” responses can influence those who truly need it. Specifically, those with developmental and social disorders.

Studies show interacting with pets benefits those with autism. Autism is a disorder characterized by difficulty socializing, communicating, and they’re restricted to repetitive thoughts and behaviors.

Pets help those with autism bond to another being without communication. They enjoy interacting with the pets which helps them open up better to humans.

4. Helps Recover From Substance Abuse

Anyone can benefit from a pet, but no one benefits from a pet more than drug addicts. Pets offer unconditional love, support, and happiness. They help you feel closer to others and reduce your stress.

This is why many rehab centers are integrating pets in therapy with a pet friendly program. Pets give addicts a reason to recover and they also re-learn responsibility by caring for their new best friend.

Improve Your Health With Pets!

Are you ready to improve your health with pets? Before you go shopping for your new best friend, you need to prep your home and yard to ensure your furry friend is safe!

Here’s how to keep your yard safe for your pets and family members.


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