4 Top Locksmithing Tips to Keep Your Home Secure

4 Top Locksmithing Tips to Keep Your Home Secure

According to The Guardian, home invasions in the UK are sky-rocketing. Every homeowner needs to know how to protect their families and possessions from burglaries. This guide will give you 4 essential tips from locksmiths for improving your home’s security.

1. Put Up Security Signs

Home security systems are expensive, but anyone can hang a “Beware of Dog” placard on their fence! Video surveillance notices can also help to prevent break-ins. Whilst access control systems can be installed to ensure only through wireless or numeric methods can a person access your property.

Of course, actually installing CCTV cameras would make your home the most secure. You might be delighted to discover how many affordable home security systems are on the market.

2. Install Enough Lighting

You will deter many potential burglars by ensuring your property is well-lit. The best way to adequately light your home is to install both indoor and outdoor lights.

Indoor lights are helpful as long as you leave multiple ones on in your home; a single light will only attract seasoned burglars. You may want to buy timers that control when lights turn on and off.

Outdoor lights discourage trespassers. You can purchase floodlights that illuminate your whole backyard, or you can go with motion sensor lights.

3. Keep Windows and Doors Locked

Although this may seem like an obvious precaution, surveys claim that millions of people in the UK routinely leave doors unlatched.

Placing deadbolts or padlocks on doors and windows will give you more time to act during a home invasion, if not prohibit one completely. You can even sync your phone to a voice-activated smart lock, which provides a convenient alternative to traditional locks.

If you decide to use key locks, keep a spare key in a secret location on your property in case you accidentally lock yourself out. Birdhouses and vinyl siding are just a few ingenious hiding places.

4. Always Re-Key a New House

You never know who had access to your home before you bought it. Hiring a locksmith to change your locks will prevent unwelcome guests from accessing your home.

Depending on the type of locks, you may be able to replace them yourself with a re-keying kit. DIY re-keying involves dismantling the old lock cylinders and assembling pins inside the new one. If you don’t feel confident re-keying your home, you can call a local locksmith to do it for you.

No matter what features you decide to implement, taking the necessary precautions will save you money and maybe even your life. Don’t hesitate to upgrade your home’s security before it’s too late.


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